The Birds And The Boys,

Well there we are:  The Boys ' did good. '
 Last Saturday (12/5 )  the Robins beat Torquay 2 - 0 at Cheltenham and then in the second leg away   (17 /5 )  also won 2- 1; thus winning the tie 4 - 1 on aggregate.
 Their prize another Wembley appearance, this time  against Crewe  on Sunday 27th May.
The winning team to be promoted to League 1.
A great end to a great season.  COYR


Tricky chap coincidence; you never know  the way things fit together; from unlikely circumstances.
So it was that last weekend, after checking my diary for the week ahead; which normally makes a blank page look interesting; I discovered that I had some appointments to attend to, leaving  Wednesday as my free day. I decided to use the day to travel to travel to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust; not having visited there for a couple of years.

It was then that I discovered  Wednesday (16/5) marked the centenary of the Wildlife Trusts, by the formation of the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves (SPNR ) and although Slimbridge is not quite the same, nevertheless it shares the principle of preserving the natural  habitats, to allow (in Slimbidge's case) the birds, ducks and geese to flourish.

It was the work of Charles  Rothschild that led to the creation of SPNR   in May 1912.
By 1915 a list of 284 proposed nature reserves in the UK had been compiled; thus effectively  starting organised conservation in Britain. Now a century later the list has grown to 2,300 reserves run by 47 county wildlife trusts. A remarkable achievement indeed.
So, I think you will agree,  it seemed a good time to visit the wetlands.

Unashamedly then the rest of the blog contains some photographic memories of the day.

1 shots from the observation tower.

2 Birds, Ducks, Geese and Flamingos from ground level.

3 Otter pictures.

This was a real bonus, a I was unaware there was an otter pen at Slimbridge. There were three Canadian otters on show, Flo and her daughters  Minne and Haha. We were  able to see these  graceful creatures being fed. Enjoy.

Hope to view the Olympic torch next week; so as usual treat your days ahead with kindness.




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