The Flame: Walking the Way

On  Wednesday 23rd May 2012, the Olympic Torch arrived in Cheltenham Promenade at about 18:40.

The security troops lined the road, as the crowd waited patiently for signs of the runners.

They were preceded by the sponsors: Samsung Comms, ( who provided no info regarding where the flame was,)  Coca Cola ( who gave no drinks,  vouchers; but just partied by) and Lloyds TSB ( who threw no money{a tad unlikely}, but drove by in an austere looking truck; a clear sign of recession perhaps.)

Then, if you please walking by, came the  torch bearer and athletes.

So the moment passed and we dutifully headed for the pub for a drink to wash the heat of the day away.


                                         Consuming our passions and imagination  
                                                   Overlooking the Severn Vale and the
                                                   Town of Cheltenham, they continue to
                                                   Stand as a microcosm of the past.
                                                   Wielding in a silent, yet mysterious way
                                                   Our dreams and future aspirations, 
                                                    Leading us to an exploration of our 
                                                   Desires to lessen the frantic, unremitting
                                                   Speed of our day -to - day existence.

Found and written 31/10/'02 Ck.


The photograph, however was taken last Thursday (24/05 ) on our walk along the Gloucestershire Way  from Condicote towards the site of Botany Barn. As you can the hedgerows and meadows were lush, verdant and teaming with life.
To illustrate this D. took this lovely picture  looking along   a cotswold wall.

Alongside  this wall you can spot an ancient track which we walked for about a mile until we came to a T junction.

Turning right at the T junction we walked alongside a road for about a hundred yards before turning left into a woodland path.

But by this time, the heat of the day was beginning to get to us and after our refreshments we made our way back to Condicote and the car.


Well the heat certainly came didn't it; trouble is it came full-on with high humidity; will it last until next Saturday, Derby Day? We shall see.

More importantly, it's time for the Robins to strut their stuff one more time, as they make their way to Wembley to play Crewe tomorrow in the League 2 Play off Final.

COYR ! Do that last tango.



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