Wet, Wet, Wet: Pulse

This picture probably tells us all we want to know about last week.

Yesterday (4/5 ) D. and I went down to the nearby Wetlands at Coombe Hill to see the state of the water.
This is what we saw.

As you can see the canal had flooded across the pathways and  the bottom right picture was taken at the water's edge on the starboard side.

The nearby fields were also full of water.

As you can see there was no walk to be had, so D.and I made our way back up the  lane to the main road and caught the bus to Tewkesbury. Glad to report no immediate flooding worries, given normal rain-fall, although the Ham, Tewkesbury's  council owned meadow of 177 acres lying  on the flood- plain,was under water and yielded these shots of the nearby Abbey.

But enough of all this water; let's cheer ourselves up with this remarkable  goal  scored by P. Cisse for Newcastle against Chelsea earlier last week.


Ho'way The Lads!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Finally although unable to play a single musical instrument, the joy of music has played a significant part in my life; indeed string theory in quantum mechanics posits vibrations being at the core of all life.
A few words  on this subject for you:



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