A Personal Space: Along The Way


If I was a Rose upon a briar
tangled; without space
I would expire.

If I was a match in a box
 so tight;
I'd want to be used and
go on strike.

If I was a letter in a morning's post,
so cramped, stiff and raw;
I'd want to be rid of my stuffy host
and land upon a doorstep floor.

But I'll guess I'll find a country space,
where I can rest my old, weary face
and shun the noise of all the crowd
oppressive and sometimes rather loud.
To see birds swooping with such grace
through a slowly, moving cirrus cloud
 upon a grassy slope; a perfect resting place.

22/6 Ck


The  Gloucestershire Way; pictures from Ford to Farmcote.

Key To Pictures:

1 Track up from Ford; just past the 'Plough Inn.'

2 Looking back from same track; notice Jonjo's practice jumps at the nearby 'Jackdaw's Castle ' racing complex.

 3  Looking down onto the working quarry; which the path skirts the edge of.

4   The waymarked path leading down to the Farmcote Road; notice how luxuriant  the undergrowth is.

5  Poppies from the field to the right of the path shown in 4.


Have a good week : Come on England !



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