Royal Frolics: A Nest For My Word Birds

Well let's start with some good news; our local wetlands are now open for business, replete with buttercups.

Jubilee thoughts:

I felt  so sorry for the Queen and the Duke, having to stand the entire time on their feet, in pouring rain, on board the Royal Barge, that I penned an instant piece of doggerel for her:


 Thank you dear Ma’am

For all that waving in the rain

Made me tired all that flim flam

All that water, such a pain.

Sixty years so very long for you to reign

Looking quite pale in that pink

How do you stand the strain?

Get out the Royal hip-flask for a deep drink.


My other gripe was the coverage of the event by the BBC. It was like 'Blue Peter ' on water. Where was the gravitas and subject knowledge that  Richard Dimbleby would have given to the occasion?
Instead we had Paul Dickenson, normally an excellent athletic  commentator; clearly ( pun intended ) out of his depth; producing little maritime  information, but merely rolling  out adjective after adjective as the boats came past.
Please BBC think again.


I have looking through my blogs recently and have found a scattering of 'word - birds ' throughout the posts. Whilst the 'birds' were mostly crows, there were a few ravens. So I have produced a new tumbir  especially to create a  'nest' for the writings. It will of course be regularly updated as new thoughts occur.
Each piece will have a photo attached, which I hope adds to the subject matter. 
These birds can be found at:

Word birds
Also, I have placed the web-site (URL) in the section " About Me. " at the left, at the top of each blog.
I'm afraid it isn't a hyperlink, but at least it will appear at every future posting and can be manually typed in as required.

So keeping it short and sweet,

have yourselves a good week ahead.



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