Farmcote Walk: Old Rockers: picsbits.

 You may remember, that  The Major, in his last pronouncement; regarding Olympic medal prospects, said that "as long as we sat down, we were good---- "

Well, as it turned out; although we did better than expected in the track and field events, nevertheless final figures showed :           Standing 47
                                                    Sitting     66

so the old chap had a point after all.


After a delay of some weeks, D. and I went back to the Gloucestershire Way. We had reached the village of Farmcote, having walked from Ford on our last outing.

Ford to Farmcote pics.

Having parked the car, we left the road through a gate on the right and followed the track past a barn, into a short copse to walk along a fine sweeping curve of land; which our guide book describes as a " Belvedere ."
A new word for me; which according to my online dictionary, means  ' a fair view, usually as seen from a rooftop, or gallery'. It originates from the 16thC Italian ' Bel '  beautiful.
I am not going to argue with the choice of word; for it certainly was a  quiet and special view.
Here is another shot for you:

If you look at the photograph closely, you can see  Hailes Abbey, poking through the trees.

As we neared the end of our walk, we rambled through verdant fields of clover and wild flowers.

This last shot marks our end point, where the skyline beckons us onwards towards Winchcombe.

Here, to finish is the last Stanza of a poem entitled "Roel Gate " by Arthur Dalby.

" And best of all, the ancient way that climbs by Salter's Hill
To ride a world of sky and wind where time is standing still.
Here by the lonely Roel Gate where fields fade into sky,
Here on the roof of Cotswold I touch eternity. "


They do say that old rockers never seem to die, but just fade gently with the beat. I was musing about this, when I read that The Rolling Stones were planning their 50th anniversary tour. (1962- 2012 ).
Who would have believed that possible; especially with three of the original members, Charlie, Mick and Keith still in the group.
I actually saw them when they had just formed in 1962 in the Cheltenham Gaumont

Gaumont Picture house

I managed to look up the bill and found it was headlined by  " The Everly Bros " ( only Phil actually played owing to bother Don's illness ) with also " Bo Diddley " and then  The " Stones".
To complete the line-up: "Julie Grant , "  "Mickie Most " and " The Flintstones."
Quite an amazing bill I think you will agree!

The "Rolling Stones , " complete with local boy Brian Jones, played for about fifteen minutes.
I remember, being quite taken back by the fact that the Stones dressed as they liked and didn't wear a common group uniform. Unheard of in those days--  Rebel Rebel indeed.


Football starts tomorrow (18/8) with Newcastle  home to 'Spurs and Cheltenham also home to Dagenham & Redbridge. Good luck to both.
Have a good week and enjoy those special races at York ( Frankel goes Wednesday )


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