Gavin & The Old Timer.

Went down to Ledbury the other day.


It was a very pleasant country town.

The picture shows the old market place, with a lovely display of plants for sale.

Later on D. and I ventured into a flea- market, where there were lots of interesting things for sale.
I picked a wonderful 'tacky ' lime green casio watch from an old timer (pun intended) for two pounds. Bargain!  I asked him how business was going and he said, that the problem was that the "kids" didn't want watches anymore, for the simple reason that if they wished to know the time,  they merely looked at their mobile phones. Progress always bears a price.


Gavin and Stacy Land

Ynys  Y  Bari

                       By way of Arriva,

                                 step down to platform and
                                move to the beach via fair ground.

                                 Evoking memories of  those lost romances;
                                 candy-floss kisses and dodgem rides.

                                 A coined excitement for the youth;
                                  Were those the days, my friend?
                                  I ponder:
                                  but all quiet  now in this near
                                  economic gloom.


                                  The beach awaits with somnolent heat and family-

                                  friendly sea.

                                 Three, Two, One ---- begin disrobement .

                                The battle of the bulge begins: as

                                 the crowd hit the sand in a state 

                                of mutual proneness;

                               knowing the kids will be alright,

                              as long as the sun shines.  


    Ck 10/08/'12

Well I'd better 'fess up; I did enjoy the Olympics. London did a great job in delivering the games. All of the venues I saw on the T.V. seemed the business and the competitors (over 10,000 ) rose to the occasion  splendidly.
 I hope to do a blog on the Olympic Park in the near future. In the meantime enjoy your week with the start of the football season to look forward to.


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