Blackberry Ways: Beach And Views

The Blackberry Way

It's that time of year,
for culling  the blackberries.

A dark fruit, with a
dark secret.
You need to climb high to pick the
ripest crop.
Brambles, thorns and nettles will evade
 your progress.
intertwine your fingers and grab your clothes;
an uncomfortable stretch to claim that haughty
black oval softness.

I wonder;
 is life like this, full of thorns, prickles
and difficult choices to make?
Must we travel through pain-barriers, which scratch
and scar to eventually arrive by grace
 at that inner sweetness and  so  become a  contented

For when berry and apple are lain to rest;
covered in a shroud of pastry;
committed to the oven;
then it is: that spirits rise and with
the final anointing in an urn
of custard or cream, the
transformation is complete.

Rise up taste buds and greet  nature's
mellow  autumnal fruitfulness
of seasons past and present.

Ch 15/09/'12


To finish:  here are two photographs taken   at Beer in Devon, which we visited on Friday 7th September.

One of the few places  I know, where you can buy cups of tea,  coffee and food from a converted beach hut and sit to eat and drink, upon the beach on purpose built benches and tables.
 A real delight for all.

Enjoy, as usual the week ahead and try to value the light in the evenings; before the winter darkness gradually creeps in.



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