We Are The Machines: Jimi Hendrix: New Build: Frank Mansell.

"Time And Relative Distance In Space," or as we know it, the Tardis landed in London's Trafalgar Square, last week, in preparation for filming "Dr. Who ."

Its coming,
 reminds us, how much we are surrounded by machines.
I refuse to use the cheque and bill paying-in instruments in the banks, preferring to speak to a member of the human race; although I will  admit to using in banks,  cash machines; never outside mind, always aware of skimmers.
But in Libraries, I have caught the contagion.

So, now by going on-line at home and requesting books and then waiting for Email confirmation of arrival, I can visit the library, pick up the book(s) from the shelf and  use the machine to borrow the item(s): all without any form of social intercourse with the staff. 

Is that progress? Well I don't know, but it sure is quiet!


It seems rather strange to be talking about a ' new' Jimi Hendrix record, considering he has been dead since the 18th September 1970. However the recent release of " People, Hell and Angels, "  marks a new chapter in his catalogue. It features twelve, never released studio recordings. It indicates some of the possible musical directions he was heading for.

In the words of the record booklet: "(they) encompass a variety of unique sounds and styles, incorporating many of the elements- horns, keyboards, percussion and second guitar- Jimi wanted to incorporate within his new music........... and provides a compelling window into his growth as a songwriter, musician and producer." ( JohnMcDermott, 2013 ). It was rumoured he was considering recording with Miles Davis, amongst others. Now that would have been interesting. We shall never know.
 It is, of course a sobering thought that, were Jimi alive today, he would be seventy years of age.


The above two photographs, show the new building extensions to the  Regents Arcade Shopping Centre in Cheltenham. According to the info. it will create a space for a new ' H & M ' store and also to increase the floor space of ' River Island.'
 It is due to open this Summer. I wish the project success and hope it brings jobs and  prosperity to the town.


This is the seat in memory of the cotswold poet Frank Robert Mansell(1919 - 1979 .)

 It resides in his friend  Laurie Lee's Cricket Ground at  Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire.
Its nearby valleys and hills, marked the ground over which he trod and used as his muse for  poems.

Here is the last stanza from one of my favourite poems , "See These Hands." 

"See these diligent hands, hands never still,
Hands they have folded now,
Hands that are resting,
That will never be active again,
Long though I kneel for their blessing."

( from ' Cotswold Ballads' pub. 1974.)

Here is an excerpt from my poem, based upon the above mentioned Cricket Ground:

"In another season.
 Revisiting this timeless location.
To feast on the crisp silent air,  in Frank Mansell's seat,
wafting creosote from the noble pavilion, drinking its fill,
thirsty, but content with slumbering watch.

Above me hawks swoop down, in homage to the square,
and I in layered warmth,
await the first cold innings of winter."

( From 'A Cotswold Cricket Ground ' 2001/ revised 2010)

Today, Saturday 13th April, D. and I visited Miserden Church, situated four miles north east of Stroud and found the grave of Frank Mansell.

The inscription reads thus: " In Loving Memory
Aged 60 years
and whose life on these hills 
inspired him to write verse
some about folks gone on to where
he has gone.
May they all rest in peace."

And may Frank's stature continue to grow as one of the region's premier wordsmiths.


Well the temperature did creep up here, at one time to 10deg., perhaps, just perhaps warmer climes are on their way; I continue to hope so.



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