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Friday 26th April

I managed to get out and about this week. Although the temperatures have climbed;( apart from today 26 /4 ) It was clear that nature has not caught up with the calendar. The trees, shrubs, plants still had the look of winter. The video above was taken at ' New Fancy ' viewpoint in the Forest of Dean.
New Fancy.

You can see a lot of brown amongst the  evergreens.

One interesting development I noticed near the car-park  into this view-point was a map on the tarmac showing where  100 mines or collieries used to be situated in the Forest. I was amazed at this high figure.

On Wednesday (24/ 4 ) I did manage to catch a fetching carpet of wood anemone in Cranham Woods.

It certainly brightened the woodland floor.

Last Saturday ( 20/ 4 ), D. and I visited Hidcote Manor Gardens, a National Trust property, near Chipping Campden. Although, no longer  members, we were able to download a special entrance voucher, for participating properties during that weekend.

Always attractive to view, this garden was clearly awaiting spring too.

But, of course there are always  blooms waiting to be photographed.

And of course, some interesting features.

As you see a very enjoyable day in the sun ( Hurray! )

You might like to compare these photos  of Hidcote with some others, that I posted in May 2010.

Hidcote 5/ '10

Well, apologies for so many pictures, but it was just so good to be out doors again in dry conditions.

Wishing you all a sporty weekend ( C'mon you Robins !)  and a gentle approach to the merry month of May.
Cheerio for now.


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