Cider; Forest and Railway.

Friday 17th May 2013.

Last Saturday, D. and I travelled to Much Marcle, near Ross on Wye to replenish our cider supplies from H. Weston  and Sons, proud makers of cider for over 100 years.

The above photograph was first shown in my blog of 13/ 10/ '10, at which time I also paid a visit to this fine place.

Coming last Saturday, we noticed Weston's Edwardian Garden, which looked in fine fettle.

I have faded down the colours to give an aged perspective.

Here, in their right shade  is a lovely clump of heather.

As a parting note, it was interesting to see an advert for " Stowfords, "  one of the brand names of Weston's cider, on the boundary boards of Lords' Cricket  ground; proof that they are indeed  spreading their marketing wings.


Today D. and I visited the  Dean Forest Railway, at Parkend, near Speech House in the  Forest of Dean.

Forest Rail

This train travels from Parkend to Norchard and then onto Lydney;  a distance of about nine miles.

With a Day Rover ticket, you can alight at any of these stations and travel on any train, for as long as the daily time-table permits.

Next Wednesday (22/ 5) D. and I are travelling on the ' bluebell special ' and hopefully bring you some pictorial memories.

In the meantime, here are some photos taken today at Parkend.
Note:  Railway closed on Fridays.

What an interesting railway it looks.


After our station visit, D. and I went to the nearby Cannop Ponds, where after eating our victuals, we  came across this notice,  before strolling around the lake.

Something in the forest stirs!

Indeed we could see evidence of these creatures with the many earth scrapings and  foot marks, especially near the water's edge.

We were rewarded, however with this delightful view of a swan sitting on her nest in the lake.

The main pond looked its calm, serene and peaceful self.


Well there we are, another week older and nearly half a year gone already. Time isn't just flying; it's positively jet propelled!

Have a peaceful week ahead.




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