Interludes: Seasons' Catch-Up

A few weeks ago, you may remember D. and I found the grave of the Gloucestershire poet Frank Mansell in the grounds of Miserden Church.
Whilst there, we entered the church and discovered a man photographing a burial vault.

I asked him, if he knew anything about the whereabouts of Mansell's grave. He replied,  he had just found this place by chance, having driven back from holiday.

Admiring his expensive equipment, I then asked did he maintain a blog?

"Well" he replied, " some photographs will end up on the web-site ' Geograph.' "

It is part of an online project called " Geograph British Isles."  It's purpose: to collect photographs for every square kilometre in the British Isles. A very interesting concept you will agree.


If you want to see his photos,  use site plus profile/10423.


Cheltenham Town A.F.C.  (The Robins) have concluded their season.
Having reached fifth place in the table and thereby making the play-off, they were beaten over two legs 0-2 by Northhampton Town. It was a hard fought affair, but probably a fair result.

The  above picture shows the Robins defending their goal against Bradford City, the last game of the season. The score 0- 0.

One interesting fact, the two teams Bradford City and Northhampton Town, who will contest the Wembley final on May 18th to decide who will be promoted to League 1,  both finished below Cheltenham in the league table.

It must be said however, that overall the Robins can be well satisfied with their seasons' performance.
Once more they have shown themselves to be near the top of this league and if they can maintain this form they can progress to League 1 status next year.


NR ' Game of Thrones ' by George R.R. Martin. Book one of the "  A Song of Ice and Fire . "
   I was hoping not to like the book; but oh dear It's compelling reading and there is another five books in the series. Goodbye Winter!. 

I wrote the above extract in my blog on the 4th September 2011.
Well, like most people, it seems, I have stayed compelled and duly bought and read the five published books. There are still two more volumes to complete the saga and George does not expect to finish No. 6 before 2014.

I have therefore  decided to attack the written canon of George Martin (GRRM) and placed an order with the library. I found six in the catalogue and am busily reading them. You can have a look at  my book reviews here:
Back books.


Finally here is a picture I took of a big log poised on the top of the Abbey Mill Weir in Tewkesbury recently.

It just caught my eye, as I walked by.

Well the temperatures are slowly creeping up aren't they; but I fear a few showers of rain coming our way next week. Good for the garden I suppose.



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