The Secret Forest: Folk Affairs

Saturday 1st June 2013.

Just  a couple of miles away from 'Puzzlewood' Pwood

and  opposite to Clearway Caves, in the Forest of Dean is the new enterprise (open just one year)  the "Secret Forest. ".

 It is excellent value for money at £3 for adults and £2 for children.
Once inside, well laid paths lead you through the trees,  up to a round house village at the summit.
The above video shows the walk into the well-thatched main house.

Here are some photographs I took, in a delightful visit with D. yesterday (31/ 5).

A very nice touch was a number of poems,   placed at points along the walk-ways. Here are two examples.

A good day out and well worth a visit.



I am currently reading "Folklore of Gloucestershire, " by  Roy Palmer. I was amused to read about the story regarding Queen Elizabeth 1, which came from the village of Bisley, near Stroud.
Whilst still a child,  (so the legend goes) she died, was buried and replaced with a boy dressed as a girl.
So as they say around these parts: " Course she were a man. Never married did'er? Sides. it do stand to reason a 'ooman 'ouldn't a ruled as well. "


So alls I can say arter  that, be that June started like a good 'un. Let's hope it do continue.



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