Wales: Water and Walks.

This video shows aspects of the amazing waterfall Pistyll Rhaeadr, in Powys, Wales


Last Monday (29/4 ), my family stayed the night in the  18thC building, which lies near the bottom of the Fall.

From the lounge, in our apartment, was a balcony. Here is the view:

and sitting in the balcony, you saw:

Soon after arrival and meal, we made our way to the top of the fall.

From this height you get a great view of the valley below.

Walking at a lower level streams and water abound.

In the field, near our apartment could be seen some interesting rock formations.

The waterfall, according to our landlord,  has only ever  completely frozen over in 1969.
Here is a scanned image of that event.

This visit was an exhilarating experience. It was great to be outdoors in the fresh, clear,  air again, and feel in touch with nature.

I have tried to respond to the timeless nature of this place with a few words.
 The first line " No service here, " refers to the absence of signal for mobile devices; which just enhances the remoteness.



Finally to celebrate the coming of Spring; some garden flowers and blossom for you.

Today 3rd May, D and I had a walk from Bulls Cross down into the Slad Valley, the homeland of poet and writer Laurie Lee.
All effort, should bring reward and today was no exception, as our walk took us to 'The Woolpack '

Cheers everyone!
Your very good health.




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