I Don't Like Cricket- I Love It: Gromits3

It was as 'Jeeves' might say " A trifle moist " at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival, last Thursday ( 18/ 7 ).
A somnolent crowd yawned and gained a measure of consciousness with the noise of ball on bat and the odd dismissal appeal. All far too exciting.

Before the watching/resting crowd got too supine, during the tea interval  a distraction, in the form of a ladies' fashion parade ( whatever next. )

( photo courtesy K.B. )

Mention of " Jeeves ' reminds me of an interesting piece of information, kindly supplied by my friend (D.M. ). Apparently, at this very festival, one hundred years ago, P.G. ( Plum) Wodehouse saw Percy Jeeves, the all-rounder play.
So much was he taken with this cricketer,  that he later borrowed the surname and ' Jeeves '  the gentleman's gentleman to his master Bertie Wooster was in a literary sense, born.


Stop Press  I suppose I should have told you that Gloucestershire were playing Worcestershire, in a four day county game. The result ( today 20/7/'13 ) Gloucestershire won by six wickets. Jolly good show chaps.


" A Close  Shave "

Location: Tourist Information Office.

" Bark at Ee "

Location: Queen's Square.

" Gromit-o-Matic "

Location: Brunel Mile.

"Astro Dog "

Location: Millennium Square.

So it's farewell from the Gromits and farewell from me.



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