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Eel Pie Island

In a recent blog ( see above )  D. and I visited the Thames near Twickenham and looked across the river to Eel Pie Island.

Last Wednesday ( 24/7 ) we revisited the scene and crossed the bridge to the privately owned small island.

All of the houses (about 50 ) there are old, but interesting buildings.

The above shown,  had an old advert for HMV records on the side of the frontage.

I was greatly amused with the notices/names I saw there. Here are three examples:

Good stuff eh!

Here are some views from Eel Pie to the 'main-land.


Only a short walk around, but an engaging visit.


Eel Pie Island, in the 60's  had a thriving blues club ( The Eel Pie Hotel ) where the London based groups performed, including 'Steam Packet' ( see above blog) and 'The Rolling Stones.' The Hotel was later burned down in an mysterious fire.

The above photo, together with the 'Steam Packet' was on a notice board, looking over to Eel Pie Island.

Walking alongside the river, I also espied a Pub with an interesting sign.


I imagine it couldn't be called the " Barmy Army, "  because of trade-mark reasons.

Further along I saw in York House Gardens, a set for an open- air production of the 'Bard's' "Merrie Wives of Windsor. "

Near the 'White Swan,' I re-acquainted myself with those 'Naked Ladies, ' which if you remember had a brew named after them.

More perambulations along the Thames next week.


Enjoy the few days of July and await the return of the heat in August.




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