Admiral's Advice:Kew Card:Eggy Skies.

 "Cheltenham Expects.......... Gentlemen, your goal task this afternoon is to ensure a net profit. " COYR!


Last Wednesday ( 28/ 8 ), on a beautiful sunny day, D. and I visited The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew,  London.  Kew

Everything looked fresh and vibrant, The eye was spoilt for choice and it was clear to me that that creative thinking personnel not merely gardeners had been employed there.

Here, you see a good example. Look closely and you will notice that vegetables have been arranged like flower borders.

Here, we see roses and plants, as part of an afternoon tea set.

In the above we see natural materials, being used as sculptures.

There was an impressive  tree-walk across the tree-line.

and of course plants and foliage abounded everywhere.

Finally, two shots from the Japanese Garden at  Kew.

There is a wondelful sense of time captured; eternity in focus.
There is harmony and flow, especially in the wave-like gravel brushing.
Be still and be at one.

Thank you Kew for the memories.  We will visit again.



It had been a boiling day.
Scrambling with the BlackBerry,
to shoot those eggy-skies.


Well September beckons. Let's hope it follows in the footsteps of the last month.

Cheerio for now,


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