Thames-side;Ham House.

After visiting ' Eel Pie Island' and crossing back over the bridge, we went into the York House Gardens, saw the Naked Lady sculptures and the set for the outdoor play ' Merrie Wives of Windsor '.
All events. can be found in previous blog.
Eel Pie & York Gardens.

Then after walking alongside the Thames, we boarded a ferry to venture again to the starboard bank.

Once across the river, we made our way to the National Trust property Ham House and Gardens,
With its collection of textiles, furniture and art Ham house represents An "unusually complete survival of the 17th century."

Entrance Hall.

Model of the House.

The gardens of Ham House very particularly impressive; especially the topiary layout.

The two shots above taken through   'windows' cut  in a surrounding hedge. A charming idea.

The Orangery.

This was the Orangery, overlooking the garden, where refreshment may be taken.

Returning to the river side, D. and I made towards Richmond upon Thames.
As we neared the town, we noticed the Thames was at high tide; so much so that we often had to walk on the edges of the footpath to avoid the water.


Well so far  August has treated us well. May it continue.

Cheerio for now,



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