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Grant Clan

The above tartan belongs to the Grant Clan, which through a tenuous link on my Late Mother's side, I  am entitled to  wear.

So, were I able to,  I would certainly vote YES in the Scottish  Referendum to gain Independence. Oh  to live the dream and taste the air of freedom.

Independence is the only logical route onwards from devolution, to gain full control in the government of  your own country.

Scotland has resources of oil,  gas and also water, which is becoming  an increasingly important commodity. It has a skilled workforce and an excellent export business  with whiskey, and jam  to name but two.

What then will stop this leap of faith? The answer is fear and fear alone.

The ' big hitters ' will be out in force to persuade the Scots of their folly. They will talk about debts ; currency values; of the ability to join the European Union and so on.
They will parade the Scots sporting superstars; Sir Chris Hoy; Andy Murray ( now 1/ 40 to be Sportview's Personality of the Year ) and others of their ilk.

 It was noticeable today ( 30 / 11) that in a round-up of last week's business news, Sky spoke of First Minister Alex Salmond's plans to break up the United Kingdom; not you will notice,  to seek public approval for independence and so it continues.

The Scots should take heart and remember the Baltic states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, whose national flags fly confidently in the street and where national decisions are made by the national parliament.
Of course the road to Independence will not be trouble free, but as Mr Salmond quite properly says they have eighteen months from the referendum to full independence and that should be long enough to sort out problems.

So be bold,  vote yes,  and beat the bookies who are currently  quoting  9 / 2 for a yes vote and 1 / 8 for a  no. ( source Paddy Power )


. Cheltenham expects-----" If you can accept losing, you can't win. " Think about it. COYR


Last Sunday ( 24 /11 )   D. visited Gloucester Quays, where a traditional Victorian Market was held. Here are some of the photographs she took.

She found a large crowd there.

Costumes gave a authenticity to the occasion.

Interesting vehicles were seen.

Victorian crafts were also seen.


On the 20th of November 2013, the city of Hull won the U K City of Culture for 2017. So unlikely was this result that the local bookmakers ( yep bookies again) quoted on the 19th,  odds of 11 /4 against.
A famous victory indeed.

One of Hull's favourite sons was the poet Philip Larkin (1922- 1985 ). Here, as a tribute to the winning city, is his poem  " Modesties "

"Words as plain as hen-birds' wings
Do not lie.
Do not over-broider things -
Are too shy.

Thoughts that shuffle round like pence
Through each reign.
Wear down to their simplest sense, 
Yet remain.

 Weeds are not supposed to grow,
But by degrees
Some achieve a flower, although
No one sees."

From "Uncollected Poems "
1940 - 1972.


So December  starts  next week and Christmastide beckons us onwards. Trusting you survived ' Black Friday, ' with credit-cards largely unscathed, enjoy the week ahead and write out those lists. To end, here is a photograph  of a tranquil Thames  from  London's South Bank.


 Photo A.C.  (11/ 2013 )


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