Words-worth it: Admiral's Advice: Mr. Gary Lucas

" The human mind is capable of being excited without the application of gross and violent stimulants;………………. (the most effective of causes) the increasing accumulation of men in cities, where the uniformity of their occupations produces a craving for extraordinary incident which the rapid communication of intelligence hourly gratifies."  William Wordsworth, preface to ' Lyrical Ballads ' 1802.
 So what would he make of today's crowded world, with telephone, video, computers and mobile devices all competing for our attention; which is rapidly becoming minute by minute ; as opposed to hourly?

I think (said I,  using the keyboard) that there must be a place today for  sometimes,  stepping away from technology and soaking up the wonders of nature, which lie all around us, if we will,  but open our eyes to see.

Enough said, I think.


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Last Wednesday, K. and I travelled to Colston Hall to catch the remarkable guitarist Mr. Gary Lucas in performance.

I first saw Gary in 2001, when he played at Shepherd's Bush London, as a member of " The Magic Band, " who lovingly created the music of Captain Beefheart. Gary played with the good Captain on his studio album " Doc At The Radar Station " 1980 and was drafted back a year later to become a full member of The Magic Band for Beefheart's final album " Ice Cream For Crow ".

Gary says of his guitar playing on this record:
" Critics once again took note of my playing, and my solo-guitar tour de force ' Evening Bell '- which took months for me to master and get under my fingers before recording it for that album was praised effusively in Rolling Stone, Musician and Esquire. My playing was spotlighted in the last of these, with the reviewer noting, ' Magic Band man Gary Lucas apparently grew extra fingers to negotiate his way through the piece. ' " ( taken from Touched By Grace- Gary Lucas 2013 )

I caught up with Gary at the "Pizza on the Park ' Hyde Park Corner London in 2006, where he played with " Fast ' n ' Bulbous, " a jazzy Beefheart offshoot, where once again I was inspired by his guitar work.
He really is a master craftsman and can make his guitar sound like many instruments playing together,

 As my friend K. put it  after the concert  (Gary) "is a diverse tangential creator of guitar soundscapes." I couldn't put it better myself.

He was certainly at his full powers that night.
 He played to an intimate audience of about 25. ( wake up Bristol! ) and we were  treated to a full musical palate ranging from blues;" sure' en'uff  and yes  I do"  ';   a Chinese flavoured selection from  his CD "Edge of Heaven '.; ballads from his work with the Late Jeff Buckley' and  music from his latest 'Cinema-sounding ' CD " Cinefantasique. "

Here is a sample of him playing "  Mojo Pin " with his guest lady singer  Frances Brennard Roper.


At this juncture, I must add what a superb  raconteur Gary is. He was principally touring the UK to promote and sell the above book "Touched By Grace. " A clever title, which tells of his short working experience with Jeff Buckley  and the subsequent making of Jeff's masterpiece "Grace" 1991;  his one and only studio album, before his tragic death in 19997. Gary, both played guitar and composed the music to many of the tracks, including the above mentioned " Mojo Pin " and " Grace ".

Gary spoke of his time together with Jeff and of how he had mentored the young 24 year old singer. He, of course mentioned the Captain and in all cases brought the characters to life.

I, suppose, apart from his epic playing, I was most affected by how he  had followed his  dream and made it, by his own efforts as a musician.

Afterwards, I bought a copy of Gary's book, which he kindly signed for me and with the music still buzzing in my head, K. and I went out into the Bristol night and made our way home.


It looks, as if we are in for a cold snap, so extra blankets on, jumpers out and crumpets in toasters.



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