Croome Revisit: Admiral's Advice: Less We Forget.


Last Tuesday (21 / 1 ) D. and I paid  a visit to the National Trust property Croome Park, near Upton Upon Severn.
It was an early attempt by
Capalbility Brown  at a landscaped garden. The garden has been replanted and is now reaching a mature aspect.

If you look closely at the two above pictures, you can see how the garden has evolved since '08.
The trees and shrubs have grown taller and the vegetation has become compacted.

One thing that particularly strikes are the water-levels.
 Looking at the bottom, present day, you will not be surprised to learn that due to this month's rain, parts of the property are flooded and the grass 'excessively ' waterlogged.

Here are some pictures taken from our recent visit:

The Grotto.

The Lake with filter.

And finally a brace of early flowers.


@CTFCofficial Cheltenham Expects .... in tight corners, heads-up to avoid trouble and  then play your way out of danger.COYR


Yesterday (24/ 1 ) D. and I went to Harrogate in Yorkshire, to attend a family funeral at the local Crematorium .
Whilst there , we paid our respect to the Commonwealth War Graves, beautifully kept here.
We must never forget their courage, bravery and example.


Finally here is a poem, inspired by our visit last week,  to the Slimbridge Wetlands Centre.

Up Here


Enjoy the week ahead, but watch out for those storms and winds.



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