Dancing Severn: Admiral's Advice: Major's Spring Greeting.

Last Thursday  ( 20/3 )  D. and I went for a walk alongside the River Severn at Apperley. The river, as you might have expected was full and wide; but what was surprising was the strength of the current which looked like a succession of Bore Tides; or as D. put it dancing waves. See for yourself.


@CTFCOfficial Cheltenham Expects--- Do try hard and
                                                                 Remember, it is
                                                                 Always better to
Don't DRAW Robins. COYR.

PS I didn't ask the Robins to lose! They managed to go from leading  0-2 at half time to losing 3 - 4 playing away to AFC Wimbledon.

"What Ho- thought it might be time to greet you in 2014. The Memsahib is currently bivouacked in deepest Dorset, sorting out watery problems with our holiday cottage, due to those wretched floods. She expects to have things ' water-tight ' by Easter, Good show.

I'm pleased the the 'Boy George' has liberated the pensions in the budget. Will be meeting with my accountant Charlie 'Shylock ' Gendry to discuss  future top-ups.

I also have noticed some trouble in the Ucrime with the Russian Bear muscling in to claim territory.
If those duffers in Euro-land  can ever get their act together  and put some hard-hitting sanctions against those Ruskies, gas prices may go north. In which case fracking will yield greater returns and as I mentioned in my last communication I have started preliminary drilling on the estate and await the results with interest.

Lost a bundle at the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival, on a horse  apparently 'catching pigeons ' on the gallops. All well and good except that in the race the horse lost over fifteen lengths, when another horse fell in front of it. My horse then finished like a train and in gaining third position lost the race by only one and half lengths. I felt a trifle aggrieved. But the money was only lent and I an confident of a dividend in the future.

Baxter has been looking very peeved these days. He fears his team Glasgow Rangers are still in deep financial doo-doo, and has threatened to run in this year's Great North Run, dressed as a blue-bell, We shall see.

Managed to get a couple of tickets for the England verses Wales Rugby International at Twickenham from an old chum of mine Dicky "Legs " Mitchell; so named because he seldom stands his round. A tight -arse.  Nevertheless he furnished me with the tickets and so Baxter and I made a weekend of it.

 Baxter drove me to Town in the Lexus. I must say that car is appallingly quiet. So much so that one is reluctant to pass wind, for fear of the commotion . Reaching Town, we set up base at the Savoy.

In the morning, before the match,  I gave myself a treat having a wet shave, replete with hot towels, water and a  super sharp razor at George F Trumper's Emporium in St. James's.

I felt wonderfully refreshed and ready to deal with the 'Taff' army  at Twickers.

Put This Picture And Info. Up For The Major  A.B.

The game was very exciting with a very satisfactory win for England. I found myself compelled to sing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot',( much to the evident consternation of Baxter) with the crowd. Jolly good show.

I think I've completed the bulletin  and,  as I am feeling thirsty  must  take my leave to imbibe the leaf of the  Earl Grey and nibble at a crumpet lathered with my honey.

Until the next time.


If the wind can settle a little, Spring will more enjoyable.


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