May: Admiral's Advice R.I.P: GRRMartin Update


A white, grey mist enshrouds  the meadowlands.
Unseen, but not unheard  birds cry out, with joyful appreciation.
A quickening of the pulses; a rooty growth emanating from 
The blades of time are changing and  seasons move onward

What can it be this feeling of rebirth,coupled with the harmony
of Gaia ?
It is May, the fifth step of the year  a light footfall  springing forward
to summer days ahead.
Maybe it is love, the trees and plants think it may as well be.

May I dare to suggest the light is creeping through the shimmering mist?
Yes it is so.
The grass caresses , the wind moans gently and the ground shows it slope
afore me.
A movement from left to  right at speed as a coney darts an exploratory
 Mayday; Mayday, indeed.

Raising my eyes upwards I espy on the summit a royal copse
illuminated by a wondrous shaft of sunshine.

A countryside benediction for May Hill,
This May morning.
May I be so blessed again.

Ck, 02 / 05 / '14


Cheltenham Expects----  The season draws to close, with too many draws. Next time aim to be the biggest draw in the league COYR.


The above was my  last tweet of the  season. I have just seen today their last match v Dag. and Red.
The result ?  A loss 2-3.  Oh dear.


I am an  enormous fan of the author George R.R. Martin ( GRRM ) , the creator of the cult series " A Story of Ice and Fire, " which is being filmed by HBO as " A Game of Thrones "
Currently Season 4 is being broadcast on television, with Season 5 and Season 6 already actioned to be filmed.

GRRM has written five books of his seven series.
 Book 6 " The Winds of Winter  " will not be published until late 2015; so in the meantime I have been reading GRRM's back catalogue.
Here is an update  of this material.

GRRM's books.


D, drove me home yesterday and as she did, I noticed this car registration  ahead of us.

Wouldn't  it be a nice story if the owner of this vehicle had found, opening an envelope that he/she had won  a considerable sum of money. At such time the owner would have shouted " Yippee! "
or as the legend on the car says " Y11 PEE ."

Lovely stuff.
Enjoy your week ahead,


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