A Question of Timing: Football Results: Pics and Views.

 from Pink Floyd.

Seconds Out

 Whilst looking up at a  fiery dragon today.
 and observing  it burning up the highway.
 I tripped over a writer’s  block 
and was nearly run down
 by a  speeding  carriage clock.

Why does time go so fast I i sighed ?
"You better watch out it won’t be denied, "
said a  Grandfather. “ you’ve gotta  understand 
there is no such  thing as  time on your hands.”

“ I’ve been a time server all of  my days,
failing as a keeper, trying to mend my ways.
If I had a second chance I’d live  in the  now tense
and not  be  so clock wise about those  future events.”

So I threw my time sheets down, and moved on,  
 still in slight shock.
 gazing  away from the knowledge tree with
 its  squawking cuckoo clock.

From now on it was time out !
About time too.

Ck. 15/ 08 / '14


Well I certainly got lucky with last week's team selections. They all  won.
Here they are:

League 2 - Carlisle 0  Luton 1
                   A great league start for Luton town, even if the loyal fans had to make
                   a 500 mile round trip.

                  Bury 0     Cheltenham  1
                   Much better than I dared hope. A golden win.

League 1 -  Sheffield United 1  Bristol City 2
                    An excellent start for City, Steve Cotterell has got them fit and rarin'
                    to go.

                    Swindon 3     Scunthorpe 1
                    Well done town! This win will give them heart.

Championship   Wolves  1       Norwich 0
                           Well this I had to get right; as by chance both sides
                            played one another !
                           Promising start for the newly promoted Wolves.

Tomorrow, Saturday 16th August sees the start of the Premier League,
This year prediction for the outright winner seems remarkably difficult, as in my book the following teams have chances.
Arsenal; Chelsea ; Liverpool; Man United; Man City.

I'm going to take a chance with Arsenal ( 6 / 1 ). They impressed me last week in the Charity Shield and with their improved squad, including new signings  Alexis Sanchez ( forward ) and Mathieu Debuchy ( defender, whom they 'nicked ' from , Newcastle !) they have goals in them. Having broken their nine year trophy wait, by winning last season's F.A. Cup, they are ready to move upwards.

In the press, a lot of nonsense has written been written about Newcastle's ( 1000 / 1 for title ) fortunes this season. I don't buy any of it. With  many newcomers this year, they are anything,  but a settled side. They will have their work cut out to rise above Sunderland and keep their unofficial North-Eastern championship intact. A good run in the Capital One Cup is all I'm hoping for.

At the other end of the table, my three teams to be relegated  are as follows:

Burnley.  The spirit of real football, it is great that the premiership is graced by their presence;  but with little money and fewer players, they will not  be able to last 46 games.
I'd love to proved wrong mind you.

Crystal Palace The premiership is not big enough to support Queen's Park Rangers and Crystal Palace. Now with yesterday's departure of Manager Tony Pullis, Crystal Palace gets the vote.

West Bromwich Albion  This is a tentative final selection. I feel that they are due for the drop. Constantly boxing above their weight, this may be a season too far. But don't fret they are very likely, as in the past, to come straight back up !

Finally my tip for the F.A. Cup goes to 'Spurs. ( 14 / 1 ). They are a lively side and coached by new manager Mauricio Pochettino (released from Southampton), they should give a run for your money.


Another shot of the Cheltenham Lido . Note the Roses.

Two pictures of Cranham Trout Farm, just before the rain.


Enjoy the week ahead and if you are lucky enough to be going to York Races, back some winners.!

Cheerio for now,


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