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D. and I went up Shurdington Hill, last Thursday (06 / 08 ) to look for some blackberries. We had heard there was an early crop, but arriving here, we found mostly unripened fruit. The few worth picking  were elusively behind thick brambles and mostly hidden from our view.
I sat down and surveyed the scene  and wrote down the following:

Summer Is Yawning

Summer is Yawning
 Rising early , but gradually 
sloping off  for  a longer sleep in bed
  and retiring  the day

Calm in August morn-light 
a silver sheen floats on the grass.
Thistles nod and ride the air.

A silence envelopes the field
A tension in the pulse of life.
The earth awaits the softening
kiss of rain.

Berries, unwilling to display their ripeness
hide in bramble  corners.demanding
a moisture bath for their reddened 

Yes Summer is yawning
so  tired and weary of heat
 soon to welcome colder climes
and the chill of the fall.

Ck 06/)8/ '14


 I've just reviewed another of George R. R. Martin's early works " Windhaven. "  see link at end of this piece.

The latest news that I have gained, regarding GRRM, is that for next year's Season 5 of "  A Game Of Thrones, " he will not be contributing a script. He has in the past, written one per Season.

He cites as a reason, that he  has no available time, as he wishes to get on with his writing
This is good news, as it might  mean  that next year, we have a publishing date for his next novel in the series  " The Winds Of Winter. "  I certainly hope so.

GRRM's Books.


Well bless my boots, it doesn't seem possible but the football league season starts; minus the Premier,  today ( Saturday 9th August).
Ok, if you want to be pedantic, the championship match between Blackburn Rovers and Cardiff was played last night ( score 1-1 ).
Cheltenham ( The Robins) have a difficult  match, being away to Bury, one of the frontrunners in the betting for promotion. I'll be more than happy with draw for this one.

Tips for the Season

League 2 - I fancy Luton (11/1) for promotion. Having crawled out of the black hole, that is the conference, ( since 2009 )  Luton, a former big club, with momentum from early results can challenge for the title.
Naturally Portsmouth will be a big threat. That can't keep falling, can they ?

Robins (40+/1 ) have another uphill season. Every win will be golden. Bristol Rovers slip down to the conference last season, demonstrates the need to keep going and , if possible get those points on the board early.

League 1 - I  think this could be a pivotal year for ex Cheltenham Manager Steve Cotterell, now with Bristol City. If he can work the magic with them, they could have a shot at the title. Their relatively cramped odds of ( 9 / 1 ) suggest others think so to. Sheffield United are the favourites and interestingly  they face one another today. ( latest score 1-1 HT).

Swindon are a team with a good run could make the play-offs. Odds (33+ / 1 ) available.

Championship. The most difficult league to get promoted. Take a chance with Norwich ( with parachute money ) to get straight back to the Premier. Odds ( 12/1 ).

Wolves will give you a run for your money, ( 20 / 1 ). Having been promoted easily last season, their confidence high and with a huge fan-base they will remain difficult to beat.


The Lido  at Cheltenham. Well maintained good for a swim.

A charming flower bed at the old monastery of Prinknash.

The walk down to the red bricked  Coal House pub.

Have a good week ahead and watch out for the storm tomorrow.



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