Shots of The Weeks: Major's Summer Digest: George R.R. Martin_ update.

Apologies for the non-production last week due to 'puter trouble; now sorted.
To kick off, here are three contrasting photos for you:

1:  Big screen-shot at Nelson's Column of Le Tour (Courtesy AC )

2: Lightning Storm over Gloucester Docks ( Gloucester Citizen )

3:  A peaceful setting for Cricket at Cheltenham College Ground.


" What ho ! Wyford- Clarke here.
 I  must say that  the climate has been a trifle  moist lately. I had to wear the panama low upon the brow whilst watching  the Lord's test recently. The Indian team certainly brought the sun with them.
 Our boys were,  to mix metaphors were not at the races that day and only a decent lunch together with news from my city chums, regarding the upturn in the economy, mollified  my mood.

I was, however interested to hear that solar panels were continuing to depreciate in price; as I am considering a smallish solar farm at the Manse.

Fracking; although, apparently a good 'coffer-filler 'was beginning to sow seeds of distrust amongst my workers and the locals; so rather than risk their ire, sunshine ( with government subsidies ) here we come!

Had to let my man Baxter go to the Commonwealth Games for a few days, as it was  held in his city Glasgow. This meant the Memsahib had to take over some of his duties, during his absence.

I knew the first morning something was wrong when " The Daily Telegraph " eventually reached me in an un-ironed state; for goodness sake! 
She was not a happy lady and remarked upon more than one occasion  " Good Lord, you expect Baxter to do all this at your beck and call. No wonder  the man needs a holiday! He deserves a medal------- " and so on.

With the centenary of  World War One about to be commemorated, I have offered to put on an ox roast, in order to facilitate some extra funds, in aid  of our local parish church ' St. Needfulls's Memorial Window. The Memsahib has been gainfully employed researching  those  persons in our village, who so tragically gave their lives in the Great War, She expects to put on an annotated display on the day of the  ox roast. Good show what.

Well I'm afraid the  old digits are beginning to cramp up and I am forced, in the circumstances  to make my own pot of Darjeeling, so that being the case, I must wish you all farewell.


I have mentioned many times my appreciation for the writings of George R. R. Martin and in particular his epic series  "  A  Song Of Ice And Fire. ". This has spawned a hit  television series, which has recently finished its fourth season. To complete the series GRRM has to furnish us with two further books, which he has stated will each be in the region of 1500 pages long.  That being the case and remembering he initially started the books in 1991, one hopes he can conclude his master-work within the next few years.

He has taken as his mantra, (That all writing is about )" The Human Heart in conflict with Itself." This quote comes from the author William Faulkner (1897 - 1962 ). Rather a good way of putting it I think.

GRRM will be in London on August 19th, together with fellow fantasist Robin Hobb for an evening talk. We may learn further news at this time.

Finally here is some detail from his forthcoming children's book " The Ice Dragon "
The Ice Dragon
Here you will some lovely illustrations of dragons.


Today, (2 /8) D. and I visited Tewkesbury. We went into the Town Hall, where the Historical Association had put on a display of WW1 artefacts , including people wearing  costumes. Furthermore a mock-up of a bar, with real beer had been constructed. The price was £2 a pint. You will not be surprised to learn I indulged. Cheers everybody. Have a good week.



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