Sketches Of Spain

The Easy Jet flight from Gatwick ( London )  to Valencia took one hour, forty nine minutes. In this time it had flown the channel, crossed France and entered Spain via the Pyrenees and gained one hour.
Stepping onto the runway, the heat hit me like a mildly enraged teddy bear, waiting to give you a hug but actually too tired  to bother. It was over 30 degrees centigrade.
Not normally anxious to enter customs, I embraced the cool air conditioning of the building with appreciation.
Waved through passport control, we walked to a cool non crowded Metro tube. It slunk out of the station, exactly on time. According to the carriage display the outside temperature was 33. By the time we reached our stop it was only 27. It's getting colder ! But outside on the  plaza ( see top pic. ) the heat seeped up from the floor and the impressive stone of the building.

Adjacent to the railway station the celebrated bull ring.

Generally , although voluble,  the Spanish appear somewhat reserved, almost cowed by recession worries; but here outside the building, one can sense the passion, tradition and blood lust from within. Here the mask is off.

The Train to Gandia on narrow gauge rails slowly moves in almost siesta mood from the platform . the seats, though plentiful score low on the comfort scale. The first buildings I spot have the yellow brick appearance  that I last saw on spaghetti westerns with Clint and Lee Van Cleef roaming the township.

One thing I am dismayed to notice is the presence of graffiti  with its tribal tags. Such a shame in a country where litter, apart from cigarette butts is generally not tolerated.

Soon the buildings game way to rolling Spanish plains, including rice fields, replete with herons looking for a bite.  As the mountains came into view in the distance,  the vegetation became more tropical and palm trees came into view. The travel time of 50 minutes took us to our destination Gandia.

What a pleasant spot it with fishing harbour and beach nearby .

Interestingly  although the waters teem with fish, no seagulls were noticed; unlike our coastlines.

The beach at Gandia deserves special mention.  It really is a golden place in all senses. The silky soft sand with the calm waters of the Med never far away. A sun worshippers paradise indeed.

You may notice from the above pictures the distinct lack of people. That is because the locals were off for their siesta, of which I shall write about next week.

The beach had everything I would want. soft sand, quiet environment; no litter; bar and toilets at hand  perfecto!


Here is a shot of the new iPhone 6 + 5.5 ".
It is of course beautifully created with curved, sweeping sides and virtually no edge. Stunning.
Its A8 processor is 20% faster than the five and more battery tolerant.
Love it already, have to wait 'till Jan '16.

 Well the Scots gave their answer. So it's just me and Glasgow against the world.
But, when you shake the Westminster cage enough; extra bird-seed is given. Scotland wins !

Adios/ cheerio,


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