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Danny Baker at Chelltenham

The Cheltenham Literary Festival (3 - 12 October ) which is staged at Montpellier and Imperial Gardens  ( see above )  concludes this weekend.

I was fortunate last Wednesday ( 8 / 10 ) to be given a ticket from my friend DM to see Danny Baker that evening. The man was in tremendous form, as he always seems to be. He really is a pollyanna of a person, who knows almost everyone in the celebrity circle, through his writing,  radio and television work. He simply seems ' to follow his nose ' and expect a lucky break. He spends everything he makes, but never worries about future events. Recently,  within the last two years he was diagnosed with cancer; but as he said  "I figured I would lose about 8 months, but never for a moment did I believe the disease would triumph. " and so it proved. He looked healthy and cured.

The one thing I will  take away from that night, amongst all the stories told, was Danny saying " we keep hearing about the depressives, but what about the euphorics ! ".

Yes I'm positive I enjoyed this event.


With 10 or more games into the football season, I thought I would look at my selections and give you a report on their progress.

Premier League

 Arsenal, who I thought would shine this year have already fallen away. Although spending big money on  new players in the summer, they currently lie in 8th place, nine points behind leaders Chelsea. I have lowered my expectations and believe the best they can achieve is 4th place.

My relegation teams, apart from Burnley ( 19/20 ) have prospered alarmingly. I said the league wasn't big enough to hold QPR and Crystal Palace; I picked Palace (15/ 20 ) instead of QPR ( 20/ 20 ). Palace's new manager Neil Warnock seems to have inspired them to better things.

My third team West Brom are also moving in the wrong direction and have already reached the dizzy heights of (14 /20 ). Oh dear,  poor picking.


More like it !
Norwich joint top with Forest
and Wolves, my outsiders although in 8th place are only two points off the top. I'm happy with that, as I believe both have ' stickability ' and will be pushing for promotion come next April.

League One

Very Happy.

Bristol City ( what a job manager Steve Cotterell is doing ) top
and outsiders Swindon ( with game in hand ) second. Convinced City will see it through! Great to see Swindon in such good form.

League Two

Moderately happy.

Luton ( 7/ 24) five points off top team Bury. Luton yet to get into their stride, but I feel will improve as the season progresses. Home form vital.

Portsmouth  (9 / 24 ) have been very inconsistent. They should, with their big support be running away with this league. Self-belief needed

Cheltenham, who started from 'the traps ' at speed have recently sustained some losses and are now ( 10 / 24 ) . If they can retain early season form, they can once again,  mount a challenge towards the play-offs. ( reasonable value for their lowly 40 /1 starting price. )


Inner Space

Will you deny me
the chance to explore
lands and worlds afar?
To see through minds
of other beings and
wonder at strange

Will you let me hear
sounds, discordant
to some, but mixed
in my head to form
an aural wallpaper
in left and right pulses?

I have been birthed in
th print and baptised
in a changing 
They reach my inner
space and grant me
outer peace.

Ck 10/ 10 / '14


The Forest of Dean, was in a beautiful Autumn glow, when D. And I visited Speech House, last Sunday (5 /10 ). Here are two shots to demonstrate this:

Cheerio for now,


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