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" Greetings from The Manse.
Autumn has made its appearance here, as I glance through the study window and notice the fallen leaves on the ground. The log-fire is roaring, thanks to the ministrations of my man Baxter, as I sip my cocoa,  malted biscuits and reflect on times present.

I have new company with me; namely two pugs 'Algy ' and ' Pugwash, ' bought for me by the Memsahib to encourage exercise of the walking persuasion .

 They are pleasant chaps and like me are rather slow in locomotion mode. Fortunately,  Baxter has taken a shine to the pugs and can often be seen ruminating with them around the estate. Good show.

Baxter is still upset these days, for two main reasons: He badly wanted independence for Scotland, which would have happened, if others had followed his beloved Glasgow who voted Yes.

Secondly his  team, Glasgow Rangers are, he fears in deep trouble; being nine points behind the leaders Hearts,  and not yet in the top division and also he whines on about investment in the club coming from the owner of Newcastle, who could perhaps bring sponsorship  from a loan company called Willy Wonka or something similar. Oh dear.

My gardener ' Moldy ' Muldoon has harvested the pumpkins  to sell at the local market and presented some to the Rev. Ed 'harassed' Harris, in time for the Harvest Festival at St. Needfuls.
I hope the Memsahib produces a pumpkin pie for me, having given Moldy the idea for the pumpkins ( turning out to be a good earner )  in the first place.

Dicky ' legs ' Mitchell, of the sown-up pockets, whom you remember never stands his round, nevertheless came good with the offer of tickets at ' Twickers' for  England verses the All-Blacks on Saturday 8th November. We will make a weekend of it with the Memsahib coming to town to see a show.

Must make an appointment with my accountant Charlie ' shylock ' Gendry; just in case the 'wrong ' party win next year's election. Need to find some strategy to deal with this so called 'Mansion- Tax, if God forbid,  it happens. Who knows, half of the Manse may be jointly owned by our sons Winston and Gordon; if Charlie and the figures will it.  We shall see.

That, I feel is all the news I wish to impart as I raise my glass for a sneaky snifter.
Cheers. My continued good health.


" Inspiration, like a leaping salmon,
rising through translucent water 
to gain the higher ground. "


I confess ,I always have been a creature of habit. I favour routine and enjoy the steady certainty of life. It is true I seldom  take risks, but then I seldom get hurt. You may then begin to understand the anxiety I feel as the time for clock changes beckons this weekend.. But I'm not going to bang on about it. I've done too much of that in the past.

Suffice to say, I am slowly getting  less stressed with change and indeed, coming to see virtue in  new outlooks. D. recently, to my consternation, decided to re-decorate the front room and before I knew it the room was emptied and the walls were painted. The resulting change gave a new perception to familiar surroundings and of course resulted in us,  locating odd items which we had forgotten about over the past months, where they had languished in cupboards and drawers and behind furniture.

After all,  I made it to Spain this year and returned unscathed. Next week I'm off to the gym for a fitness course, something I previously thought was the domain of younger folk; another false conclusion and so hopefully I will  be more positive about life in general.

 I'll report back when I've installed  the  new operating system ( Yosemite )  into my iMac computer.


" Inspiration, like the chortle
of a baby. Happy, contented, 
and ready for 
to begin. "

Inspiration 17 / 24 / 10 / '14

Finally, some graphic art for you; found under a subway bridge, near Waitrose in Cheltenham.

Cheerio for now,


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