In The Smoke with Turner: Lest We Forget: Curlyfit to Drop.

Last Tuesday ( 11/ 11 ) D. and I visited London to see our daughter L. and to view the " Late Turner " art exhibition at Tate Britain.
In a jokey fashion, I have always referred to London as " Up The Smoke "  in celebration of its industrial past.
It was therefore interesting to note that the artist Joseph Mallord William Turner ( 1775 - 1851) not only lived in  this industrial period, but also used it frequently in his paintings.

He was, for example,  the first major artist to use the steam train as a subject and delighted in smoke, fog and mists through which he could express the properties of light so effectively.

The exhibition marked the last period of his life from 1835 when he was sixty years of age.

He constantly travelled widely in Europe drawing sketches at all points on his journey. He was drawn to water and therefore especially loved Venice, with its natural mists and shadows.

He was famous for his sea views and in fact developed the idea of the "Seascape".
He drew rough seas with an intensity and passion, which seemed to leak out of the painting towards the viewer.

What I really liked  in the exhibition was the ability to get close to the canvass and really see the amazing background detail which he included in his paintings.
 Viewing, for example, a Venice scene, shrouded in mists, I was able to notice the city buildings in the distance.
A remarkable exhibition of a truly great English painter, who even with  his very last pieces was challenging perceived convention with new materials and effects. Well worth a visit.

A wonderful film  of the painter " Mr. Turner "  starring Timothy Spall and directed by Mike Leigh
has just been released and we hope to see it shortly.
Here is a video clip and review for you to savour:

Mr. Turner.


Whilst in London D. and I visited the Tower Of London to see the poppies displayed there. It was a moving and emotional view, when one realised each poppy represented the loss of a life.
Here are some pictures we took:


Further good news of friend Kevin, whom  I told you last week was recovering from a serious viral attack. He was able this week to venture outside and do some shopping at the nearby supermarket. Good to see you gaining your strength Kevin.

Well last Friday (14 / 11 ) D. and I visited the Sports Centre in Tommy Taylor's Lane in Cheltenham, in order to begin our gym course and in my case hopefully gain some strength and co-ordination.
My data is processed by the Preva app  and I can therefore tell you that on the bicycle over 25 minutes I covered 5.6 km and burned 92 calories. Well it's a start isn't it?

 i like the fact everybody on the machines are 'wrapped up in their own bubble ', listening to music, watching TV or just perusing the flood of data. It is difficult not to get competitive to better your scores and I did manage to hit 100 rpms on the bike!

Well November is marching onwards and signs of Christmas festivities are beginning to appear.
The year is growing to a close.

Take care,
Cheerio for now,


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