The Major's Winter Thoughts: Football News

" Salutations from The Manse, Upper Pensionville, Bucks.

  Just taken delivery of our Christmas Cards for this Season. Mr man Baxter was in charge of the lenses and I have to say has made a jolly decent effort.

The photograph was shot in black and white, in order Baxter said, to give it a certain cachet. It shows the Memsahib and myself in side profile, with a roaring  log fire in the  background. Directly in front of the fire  our two pugs Algy and Pugwash  looking like somnolent bookends. Whilst in front of them is a small table upon which is placed a tray with cut-glass crystal glasses and two bottles; one with the legend ' Flowing Empire ' (our natural water) and the other , " Parson Pear's Spiced  Mulled Perry." a new line which we have brought to market  for future frosty days ahead.

Baxter showing his computer skills, cleverly has introduced colour to show the  fire flames and naturally our bottle labels. Good show what.

This photograph was actually shot in mid October, on rather a trifle warm afternoon. The fire was produced with two firelighters and  the mantle-piece was  quickly adorned with Christmas decorations.
The original plan was to include our other two dogs Macmillan and Eden ; but they proved restless and thus we were left with the blessedly docile pugs.

A few weeks ago  the Memsahib graciously informed me that indolence would no longer be tolerated  and thus  had set up an appointment  for me with our local ' quack ' James Grant-Morgan, in order to facilitate a course of exercise at our local Gym.

 Feeling a tad threatened by this I was mollified when Baxter told me, he would accompany me; as he desired a leaner frame.You will not be surprised to learn that our good physician readily agreed to the plan and duly faxed the information to the Centre. A rum do indeed.

Because of the uncertain political climate next year, combined with the feeling that patriotism has been recently appallingly downgraded, we had decided by next March  to re-brand our ' Flowing Empire  ' water.

It is to become "Ro-Manse."  I had therefore  bought, for promotional purposes a few white tee-shirts bearing the title " Get some Ro-Manse ( with picture of bottle)  and get some Spring in your Life! "
Quite catchy I thought; at least that was,  until the Memsahib suggested I could wear them down to the Gym. I was not amused and set Baxter out to purchase plain white shirts forthwith.

So it was readers that a couple of weeks later Baxter and I turned up for our induction lesson at the Gym. Baxter persuaded me to get a Napp for my Phone,   which by connection using fly-by gave  a record of my progress on the various equipment.

Gym Stats ( I have placed this link to a video) A. B.

So I can tell you that  up to date  I have the following results: Duration  56 minutes
                                                                                                 Distance   12.54 km
                                                                                                Calories   323.

Not too bad for an old buffer what!

Having a quiet Christmas Day this year, but as a result of meeting old chum Charles ' Mothballs ' Oliver-Norton ( him of the locked wallet) I have  been invited to share a box at Kempton Racecourse on Boxing Day the venue for the King George V1 Steeplechase. Here the Memsahib and I will meet with our two sons Winston and Gordon and their families. Baxter has agreed to drive there and back, in return for having ' hogmanay ' to himself. A very fair arrangement I thought.

All that remains is for me to wish you  the following: " May your prudence yield you dividends and all your troubles in 2015 remain tax-exempt "



Last Saturday ( 22 / 11) , you may remember I attended  Cheltenham Town's poor performance against Wycombe. They lost 1-4. The talk on the terraces was full of the need for our Manager Mr. Yates to go,  following a grim statistic which read two victories in thirteen games including  four successive losses in the league. At that point Mr. Yates was the third longest serving Manager in all the English Football Leagues. Therefore, although I agreed with the voices of dissent, I expected little action on that front.

Imagine then,  my astonishment, when last Tuesday ( 25 / 11 ) our Manager was sacked and was straight way replaced the next day by Paul Buckle on a rolling one year contract.

Mr Buckle 43  ( above ) has had wide experience in  league 2. He has managed Torquay, Luton and Bristol Rovers. He has met with success including taking Torquay to the play-off finals. I wish him luck with the Robins.

OK; let's get the puns over with. As I tweeted, " He needs to buckle down to the job in hand, and ensure a leg-up the league, without merely using the club as a notch on his career -belt. " There I feel better for that!

STOP PRESS-  Today's home match versus Oxford resulted in a 1 - 1 draw.
A reasonable start.

So, with a reminder that there are only 26 shopping days to Christmas,
I wish you all Happy Shopping.
Cheerio for now,


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