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train the
its not Zen
Zrite znow
when the ocean
is wounded it
takes the whole
world to heal.
Ah, Eden 
[?] is
the thing that
runs down
the back of
your leg
that makes
your foot
it isn't worth
getting into the
bull's shit to find
Out what the bull ate.
ah joint is part of
today's anatomy
an artist is one
Who kids him
Self the most
A psychiatrist is
one who wishes to
die in your other

Don Van Vliet '75
Found this poem from Don ( AKA Captain Beefheart ), whilst checking my Tumbir postings on Beefybits. This is a record of notable Beefheart videos and includes members of his backing group,  The Magic Band.
Here it is for you:

This particular poem was written by Don on a scrap of paper and contained a picture of a shoe with words- yep you guessed it,
 a footnote!

Although a special person, I don't want to lionise Don. As a former member of his band said " when you enter (his house ) you have to check your ego in and wait to be instructed. Don didn't merely have a view on things; his was the only view.

Nonetheless, even after food deprivation and abusive behaviour, it was noticeable that John ' Drumbo ' French; himself a leader of the reformed Magic Band always praised the genius that was Don, especially relating to his compositions.

John French and the band at Bristol. (June 2014 )

I have been very fortunate in seeing The Magic Band  five times including the above gig in 2003, which was their reunion and consequently their first time playing together , (minus Don in England.)

The Magic Band, although having personnel changes over the years have still retained the  three original members being; Mark Boston( Rockette Morton,) bass; Denny Walley ( Feelers Reebo ) slide guitar and John Drumbo ( Drumbo ) drums. Note: the alt. bracketed names are those given  by Beefheart. Another controlling  tactic?

I am sad to say, that it seems unlikely they will ever tour again; principally because they cannot sustain an audience in American, being a band that doesn't fit into the stadium circuit and therefore not considered commercially viable. A great pity especially as each successive tour showed an improvement in performance enthusiastically acclaimed  by the British audiences.

But we have the memories; videos and recordings to sustain us.
Thank you lads for everything!

Finally I must make mention of John French's book " Beefheart: through the eyes of music. "  A magnus opus of a read, in which John goes into intimate details about  life in the early years of the Beefheart Band. A must read for fans and an eye opener  for  showing life in 60s and 70s America.


Like pebbles down a cliff-face,
thoughts confuse,
become abstracted and
refuse to focus.

Like a lost jig-saw piece
 thoughts wander and
search for a closure.

Like watching snooker in 
thoughts drift from
lack of detail.

Like an endless-roundabout
thoughts revolve constantly
interrupting the passage of

Like a carpet without tacks,
thoughts need to be nailed,
stored and remembered.

Am I allowed to think about 
Or is it merely a thought for the 

Ck. 16/01/ '15


Well we had a little taste of winter last week; a mere sprinkling in Cheltenham. I'm not feeling hungry for more, so as far as I am concerned that'll do for the winter.
However for those of you that like a snowy scene, here's a shot from Wales in 1969. Brrrr! No thanks!

Cheerio for Now,


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