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Well The ' Toons ' managed to stay in the Premier League. They beat West Ham 2- 0 in the last game of the season; whilst their rivals Sunderland were defeated 1-3 at Chelsea. This jumped Newcastle to 15th place on 39 points one place and one point above Sunderland and in so doing we  won the unofficial North East League again. Further glasses were raised when we learnt that close neighbours Middlesbrough  lost in the playoff final and won't be joining us in the Premier. What a shame.

But joking apart, this welcome return to form should not deflect us from the realisation that major surgery is needed at the club. A new management structure must be introduced, together with a new Manager who can gain the respect of his players,  and they, in their part must play with a new spirit and bring back much needed pride to the club. The supporters remain loyal, but feel short changed .
They deserve better.

Swindon lost in their playoff final 4 - 0 to Preston; whilst Norwich beat Middlesbrough 2 -0. So one of my promotion tips made good.

Finally one must feel sorry for Bristol Rugby Club ( somebody has to ! ) who for the second successive season have been denied promotion to the premier league, after in both years, leading the table, only to lose in the playoffs. A cruel blow to the City. The only consolation being  that this season's winners Worcester will put up a better show than last year, when promoted London Welsh proved totally inept and amassed only 1 point from 22 matches. Appalling !


Last week, I mentioned Mr. Charles Paget Wade ( 1883 - 1956 ) and promised more information.

Well briefly, Charles trained as an architect. He had an artistic frame of mind, together with construction skills. In 1911, following the death of his father,  he inherited a share in sugar estates in St. Kitts. How long  these  estates were held by his family is not known; but one always worries that the face of slavery may have been connected in the distant past. Be that as may, with his new income Mr. Wade purchased Snowshill Manor in 1919. He ordered and laid the gardens between 1920 - 1923.

He was a solitary figure and is best remembered for his eclectic collection of 22,000 items which he bought to the Manor, from around the world, including many pieces from China and Japan. He used the Manor for housing and lived by himself,(until marriage in 1956) in a small cottage on the grounds.

The manor itself is at the top of a hill and in idle moments I have often speculated  on the journey of these items; possibly docked at Bristol and then brought pre-car by horse and cart and certainly over quite a large time- frame.

However,  having seen this collection on a couple of occasions, I have little interest in it; but the gardens on different levels and the walk up from the car park, through verdant pasture land makes for many happy returns.

Here are some pictures from our latest visit two weeks ago.

Glorious Orchard.

Blooming borders and a beautiful skyline.

A good place for the doves in the sun.

Like the shadows here.

Lush, very green, perfect springtime.

Luxuriant Growth  Abounds.


And that boys and girls brings our little word ramble to a conclusion for this week.

Enjoy next week, higher temps. are promised and with the light evenings, June will be most welcome.

Cheerio for now,



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