Major Summer Moves, more photos.

" What Ho,

     Thought I'd bring you tinternet peoples a brief update.  I managed to secure tickets for the first day's Test Match against those Aussie Chappies taking place in Cardiff on Wednesday. Baxter got two for us which cost a princely sum of £119 each. Rather steep what.

That chap Foster, whoever he may be, has expensive tastes. I must say it will fell a deuce odd to be watching England play Australia, whilst in the Principality; But as the Memsahib blithely remarked, money talks loudly in  sport these days.

I decided to take Baxter to the match, as I'm afraid he still suffers from worries north of the border. He refuses to believe that Motherwell beat his beloved Rangers  6- 1 on aggregate in the play -off to enter the top tier and also the dismal failings of the National rugby club.
Admittedly he cheered up slightly when the Scots Nats won so many seats in parliament; but he  feels now that Mr. Cameron will considerably reduce their demands. We shall see.
So yet us hope for  Baxter's sake that 'Murraymint ' wins the ping-pong later this week.

Our new Cider "Cherry Corp " has done very well and likewise our natural water 'Ro-Manse ' continues to improve our liquid assets. (ho ho).

Now that the 'Boy George ' holds the  budget purse strings without any liberal tugs, business looks set to bloom. I have submitted plans for solar farm on the estate; especially with the knowledge that George will remove subsidies on those appalling  on -shore windmill things from next April.

To promote my sunshine array, I also intend, with planning permission to restore our ageing cricket pavilion, complete with solar panels, with the intention of making it carbon neutered and community friendly. I  have sounded out our vicar Ed Harris, who seemed most enthusiastic about the project.
All being well, it should be ready for next May's annual batting bash.

So, with the sun dipping below the veranda and Baxter trotting up with my green tea, infusing in the pot., I bid you farewell from the Wyford-Clarkes.


Recently, on the way home from Beer, Devon, we dropped in on the National Trust property Tyntesfield, near Bristol.

The top photo is from our visit in 2011 when we did a roof tour, during its refit.
The bottom shot shows the residence in today's near pristine condition.

This time, we did not enter the house; content just to wonder around the grounds.

We made it  a point to find and view the orangery, which when we last visited the refurbishing was still incomplete.

Very light and airy it now looked .

Outside the borders were thriving with floral life.

All together, a very satisfying visit and a good conclusion to our mini- holiday


 Well on the sporting front we have done rather well. Our soccer Ladies came third in the World Cup and in so doing defeated Germany 1- 0. Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix and the English beat the Aussies in the first Test at Cardiff ( The Major was pleased ). The only blight on the horizon was Mr. Murray going out in the semi- finals of Wimbledon. ( Baxter still depressed).

Cheerio for Now,


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