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Danny Baker is a true pollyanna. Leaving school without a piece of paper, he strolled into journalism and the music press and then onto to television and radio work. Events happened around him and consequently work fell into place. He has always spent his money, constantly straining the overdraft limit. He lives life ' at the large ' as they say.

Typical of the man, he says: ' You know that cancer thing I got, well you won't read about it until Volume 3 !. "  This review concerns Volume 2:

In this book, you will discover how, he bought his first house , ( nobody in our family ever had one of those!)  largely by knowing the Late Kenneth Williams. He had at that time, only  £90 in the bank but managed to swing  a 100% mortgage on his Victorian residence.

Why the ' Rag and Bone Man ' hated the council block of flats where Danny and wife Wendy first lived and why Mel Brooks, virtually throw himself at Danny's feet.

This book is just crammed full of anecdotes , amazing coincidences and happenings that just follow Mr. Baker wherever he goes. Having had heard the man alive, I can vouch for his larger than life personality. What you see; what you hear,  is what you get.

A first class holiday read.


PS. His first volume of the autobiography:" Going to Sea in a Sieve," is also excellent value.



 Rodborough Common,  National Trust  protected land, rests  above Stroud, Gloucestershire ,

It lies on jurassic limestone on top of the cotswold scarp. Two hundred and eighty seven acres of common land,

It was always one of my parents favourite places. They liked to walk  among the grass enjoying the views and the fresh breeze which blows across in various degrees of severity.

 I enjoy the feeling of constancy, knowing it has remained unchanged and will remain a free open space, shared only with the wildlife and the cattle which graze there.

A panoramic view showing some of the common's topography.

First built as a garrison in 1761, extended and rebuilt in 1870, Rodborough Fort is a landmark folly upon the common.

Read more about it here:

Rodborough Fort


The fruits swell; the rain falls; all in the garden is good.

Meanwhile, with fingers and pedals crossed, Chris Froome ( born in Kenya- but we'll have him) should win this year's Le Tour. It would be great to also see 'Cav' ( born in Isle of Man- close enough) to win on the final stage on the Champs Elysees, Paris on Sunday.

 A tip of the panama to champion jockey Richard Hughes who retires at the end of Glorious Goodwood next weekend. Long and lanky, he reminds me of Lester Piggott, particularly in the way ' he stoops to conquer,' when riding a finish. He will be taking over his Late Father, Dessie Hughes's racing stable in Ireland. Dessie was also,  in his day, a great jockey and trainer. He rode that tough little horse Monksfield to a Champion Hurdle success in 1979 and Davy Lad to a Gold Cup triumph in 1977, both at the Cheltenham Festival.

As a trainer, he reached the heights with Hardy Eustace, who won the Champion  Hurdle in 2004 and 2005. Hardy was one of the toughest horses I have ever seen. He went, as they say,  from the front and 'continually improved his position .'

Let's hope son Richard will one day come to Cheltenham and gain glory to.

A big shake of the fist, however to the English cricket team, who were soundly spanked by the Aussies in the test last week.
Keep the faith and restore the pride at Edgbaston next week, please gentlemen.

Finally two Gloucester photos for you.

A view of the 'Gurney ' Candle ' and the docks in background.

The New Glos Rugby Shop in the Quays
shopping centre.
£55 for the shirts with free advertising !
I don't think so.

Cheerio for now ,



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