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August, as far as the national newspapers are concerned is known as the 'Silly Season '  Government largely shuts down, Politicians go on holiday and little news creeps out.

This year has been an exception, with the migrants at Calais, Cilla's last croak and Sir Edward Heath rising like a spectre to be charged with indecently poor behaviour.

Nonetheless the 'papers loved the rise of Jeremy ' Jezza' Corbyn, the left wing candidate for the labour leadership. Backed down from 100/1,  he is now as low as 6/4 second favourite ( behind Andy Burnham) for the prize. Consider these facts; originally only 20 of Labour's 232 MP's nominated him and it was left to fifteen others to throw him a life-line.

On his way to second favourite he has been called a Trotskyite, his photo has been ' airbrushed ' with a Che Guevara beret and he appears to have been supported by the Communist Party. The Red Revolution is on track, with backing from the main unions.

In reality Jeremy, a mild- mannered man has since 1983 been a MP for North Islington, London.
He is certainly a true Socialist and an anti-poverty campaigner, but  that hardly makes him  a rabid firebrand.

The Bookies have also loved this and have gleefully taken the money. He cannot of course win and there will be no payment out. The crown will probably go to Andy 'boring' Burnham ( an Everton fan, oh dear ) or to Ms. Yvette Cooper ( who really will wear the trousers in husband Ed Ball's house).

Yes it's all been good, summer  fun and the press have made the most of it.


Recently D. and I visited Tewkesbury Heritage Centre. It has been restored to show its history  as  a 17th century shop,( originally to sell hats and gloves.)  From the top room one gets an interesting view over the main street.

The rooms are full of information and boast interactive displays, explaining the history of the town.
 A very worthwhile visit and at the moment free.


Please can I change my mind about one of my selections for promotion from League One to the Championship?
I would like to deselect Sheffield United and replace  with Peterborough  ( Posh) United.

This is because I have recently learned that  Posh's new  manager Dave Robertson,  now aged 41 was   a former Royal Marines commando, serving in the desert theatre of war in Kuwait and also having undergone Arctic warfare training. He only reluctantly left the Marines, after unluckily  picking up a virus in Guyana, which resulted in him  having  a pacemaker fitted and thus unaable to carry on  in his  army career.

You will therefore be not surprised to learn that his 'Posh ' players will start the season incredibly fit both mentally and physically.
 Furthermore he expects brave players not to shirk responsibility, especially in the penalty areas.

We'd better give them a chance, don't you think?


This concludes this rather truncated blog, as I will be going with D. ' up the smoke ' for a few days, in order to visit daughter L. and husband A.

Good luck to our cricket boys at Trent Bridge tomorrow ( 6 / 8 ) and the best to you all with your football teams when  they kick off this Saturday (8 / 8 )

Cheerio for now,


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