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Following my piece about automobiles and technology, I noticed this from my Sky News App today (6 / 9 ) " The Society Of Motor Manufacturers and Traders- reported a rise of 9/6% in new vehicles, compared with August 2014------This performance has again been driven by attractive finance deals and a diverse range of technologically advanced models. " Once again demonstrating the irresistible  rise of technology in cars

And here is a new ' 65 ' plate from (1 / 9 /'15 )

But Sat Navs don't work everywhere !


 In last week's Blog I mentioned a walk D. and I made from Badgeworth Church to the nearby M5 Motorway.

Near the Lychgate is the grave of a John Barnes.

Now I seldom bother with gravestones; but i was struck by the inscription which read thus :

" He had determination and courage never bitterness or despair. He saw in life what many of them missed. A Man of Gloucestershire. "

A fulsome tribute indeed.


OK I will hold my hands up. It looks like Jeremy "Jezza " Corbyn will win the Labour leadership contest. Yes, I know the count will be on Saturday  (12 /9 ), but as you know I always look at the odds and when the bookies are now quoting a spread from 2 / 9 to 1 / 7 on, the victory looks done and dusted.

That being the case, I would like to congratulate Mr. Corbyn on  winning the contest against a background of determined opposition from the parties old guard; Mr Blair; Mr Brown; Mr. Kinnock; Lord Mandelson; Mr. Blunkett and the former Speaker of the House of Commons Lady Boothroyd.
Quite a formidable group, to declare you unelectable.

I look forward to next week's  ( 16 / 9 )  Prime Minster's Questions and Mr. Corbyn's  ' crowning ' at the Labour Party Conference, to be held at Brighton on 27th - 30th September 2015.

Both occasions should make for compulsory television viewing.

Thank you Mr. Corbyn for brightening the winter months ahead.



For love
radiates joy
utilising an unfailing patience
inspiring gentleness 
tender thoughts and 
faithfulness. Keeping you
under self- control
leading to  peaceful outcomes.


Well D. and I managed to pick blackberries in two locations: The Crippets, Shurdington and the canal path at Purton, near Berkeley.
 Here are some views which show Gloucestershire at its rural best.

Ploughing the fields with Birdlip Hill in the background.

The Severn at  low tide. You felt you could walk across.

Another view of the Severn. If you look carefully you can see the train on the far bank.


Well I finally caught up with "From the Cradle to the Grave " TV series; featuring the first part of Danny Baker's autobiography " Going To Sea in a Sieve, " which seemed pretty faithful to the book.

But, like many others, Peter Kay, who plays Danny's father Fred ( Spud ) Baker  has an appalling   Cockney accent. "Wotcha fink M'son.?"

Apart from that election this weekend, this Saturday brings around the oldest classic race on the flat; The St. Leger, run at Doncaster (Sunnydonny). Unfortunately this race has lately  been on the wane, due principally to the forthcoming Arc de Triomphe, Europe's richest race, held at Longchamp in Paris, on the first Sunday in October.
This year the Leger has been further threatened  by the newly inaugurated  Irish Champions weekend, running this Saturday and Sunday. Indeed there has been talk of removing the Grade1 status from the race.
This is a monstrous conspiracy  and must not happen. The Leger is still the greatest stamina  test for three year old colts and fillies. It is part of racing's DNA and must remain so.

Next week brings  the latest instalment to the iPhone's  operating system, namely iOS 9 , released next  Wednesday September 16th and let me think, what else?
 Oh yes, the Rugby World Cup,  which starts next Friday, 18th September, with England playing Fiji  in the evening at Twickenham ( 20:00 ) .
 The competition runs until the final on Saturday, 31st October at the same venue.

Well the weather does not seem brave enough to give us an Indian Summer ( ho! ho! ); but at least new fruit especially apples ( of all kinds) are in good supply.

So enjoy the last of the summer's  bounty and savour the green and fresh countryside next week.

Cheerio for now,


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