Rose Gold:Cornish Words: Water Pics

On  Wednesday,  September 9th in San Francisco there was an Apple Event, in which new models of watch, iPad, TV and iPhone were introduced. The picture above is of the iPhone 6s and the new colour rose gold.

Like the iPhone 6 and 6+ the  screen sizes remain the same 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively.
The new phones have one new feature known as 3D Touch ( or Force Touch on the iPad ). This allows the user to ' peek and pop ' using increased pressure on the screen. A light touch allows you to peek or look at an item; for example Email, Photo and Message and you then have two choices: 1 lift off pressure and return;  or 2 press harder and pop or enter into  your email; photo; message etc. This an excellent marriage of hardware and software and is fully integrated across many apps.
It will make for more efficient navigation.

These new iPhones have an enlarged 12Mp ( from 8 MP) camera, bringing greater detail and picture quality but because of size require more memory ; no wonder Apple is keen to sell you iCloud storage space.

I think, for the above reason the entry level Phone should start at 32GB rather than 16.
But that's the only raspberry.


I came across the poet  Charles Causley  (1951 - 1997 ) many years ago.  He  lived in Launceston, Cornwall all his life. Here he taught as a primary school head teacher. His poems reflect his life in Cornwall, where he spoke with an  authentic voice,

I was lucky enough to hear him give a reading in Bristol.

Here is one of his poems set in the village of St. Hilary, a place I have visited whilst on holiday, It is about five  miles from Penzance.

The Parish Church of St Hilary

The land of the parish church is high enough to provide views of the bays on both coastlines.
In earlier times St. Hilary was a thriving mining village. This has left the legacy of subsidence in some parts of the village, notably when I was there in 2006, near the local primary school.

At Saint Hilary

" Between two Cornish seas, the spire,
Blazes the land, the waving air.

The dark stem of a Celtic cross
Sprouts, half-grown, from the shallow grass.

A tomb, exploded, shows the bones
Of a young sycamore. Slant stones.

Cram the graveyard like ships stormbound.
A wasted urn drips shard and sand.

Like auguries, two seabirds lie
Motionless in the squalling sky.

Through rain and wind and risen snow
I come, as fifty years ago.

Drawn by I know not what, to sound
A fabled shore, unlost, unfound.

Where in the shadow of the sun
Past, present, future, wait as one.

Only the breathing ash speaks true.
Nothing is new. Nothing is new

As the sea slinks to where I stand
Between the water and the land. "

Charles Causley.


Last Thursday ( 10 / 9 ) D. and I visited Clevedon, a coastal town in North Somerset.

The sun shone brightly and just a mere zephyr of wind freshened the air.  As a result of an £800.000 lottery, grant big improvements  have been to its famous marine lake. Cleaned and re-paved it is hoped high ebb tides will ensure that any debris is carried out to sea, making the lake an attractive place to swim in.

The inner section is the children's paddling pool.

It is expected to fully open later this month.

The Victorian Pier is still open to the public.

When we reached, the above  location, I noticed a group of a ladies sitting on the beach intently painting the scene. I said to one of the painters, " I suppose this is what you call 'peer ' pressure ?'
There were not amused. Well you can't win them all, I suppose.


A big tip of the hat to the Gloucestershire County Cricket team, who this Saturday ( 19 / 9 ) will play Surrey in a 50 over final at Lords cricket ground. This competition, sponsored by Royal London Insurance had gone completely under my radar and it was only when I had read that the 'Shire ' had beaten Yorkshire in the semi-final, that I knew anything about it.
Well done Lads.

Tomorrow The Rugby World Cup Starts. I expect to see New Zealand take home the William Webb-Ellis trophy.Naturally I will suport England, but I would also like Ireland to reach the semi-finals for the first time.

But the big news of the week ahead is the opening of a proper tea emporium in Cheltenham's Promenade T2.

Ching Ching !

Cheerio for now 


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