The Force Comes To The Shire: Football Matters: Pics

Well there we are; the tinsel comes down; the cards are read again and then re-cycled.  t The tree gets taken outside  to be rooted the garden and we are ready for 2016
With only 83 days to Easter, as at Sunday 3rd January, better get on with the blog!
In a far-off corner of the galaxy ,someone is busy writing another episode of "Star Wars. "

Before Christmas d. and I went to the cinema to view the latest " Star Wars "  'The Force Awakens. '

I felt, I should try to find fault with it, but in all honesty from the first desert (Saudi Arabia ) shots as the camera panned over the broken  machinery from past troubles, the film was a hugely enjoyable romp.
 Director J.J. Abrams ( Lost ; Star Trek; Mission Impossible) keeps the action rolling; the  dialogue crisp and  full of humour. By the time  Hans Solo ( Harrison Ford )  appears the film feels as comfortable as a pair of one's favourite slippers.

It seems there are secrets, state secrets and  Star Wars non-disclosure contracts; for it is remarkable how little one knows  about the film until  it  is released.
 Moreover, security was so tight that each individual film was delivered to cinemas with a special numerical key  code necessary to play the movie. The film was never put in for any awards, to avoid sending DVDs which could be intercepted and thus copied for piracy purposes.

As far as I know this has worked and no 'extra' editions have thus far surfaced.
 here is the trailer:
The Force Awakens.

The film mixes the old and the new, with a nod to events that have gone before. Thus Solo and Wookie ( yes that oversized bear is still about-  but untouched by aging! ) meet newbies Rey and Finn, played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. These two newcomers (both Londoners) acquit their parts with panache and are stars in the making. John Williams, as ever has produced an evocative  soundtrack and the film looks  good, with the 3D effects adding to the overall enjoyment.

The first Star Wars film ( now numbered 1V - A New Hope ) was first released in 1977 and so has become a modern fairytale for children and part of the 20th Century cultural heritage.

The film was shot in Saudi Arabia, England, Ireland and Iceland. But we also  know that here in the Shire    important scenes were shot at Puzzle Wood, near Coleford in the Forest of Dean.

Again until the film was released, no official announcements came from Puzzlewood website, but this has now changed. Here's the proof:

Star Woods

In conclusion  "Star Wars - The Force Awakens ,"   represents excellent family viewing. It is probably a tad  long at two hours, fifteen minutes, but that is a minor carp. Go and enjoy.



Why is this picture of daffodils  being shown?

The reason,  is that these were picked from my garden and placed on the table on New Years Day, which is seasonably impossible isn't it? apparently not.

Just like our football tables at the halfway point. Very strange indeed.

Here were my predictions for the season given in August 2015:

Premier League:
                          Man United.


These are my one, two , three.

Chelsea always do the needful and should retain their title.
I expect a stronger show from Manchester United this season. Manager Van Gaal has the team playing for him and will demand a big effort.
Arsenal, good for another cup, have been spending money and should be thereabouts .




are my relegation candidates.

Bournmouth, premier 'newbies ' must be favourite to drop.

Sunderland could escape with retained manager, but it will always be an uphill struggle.

Leicester doomed themselves by sacking their manager in the closed season, who had previously kept them up.




Bristol City

In choosing Middlesborough to win promotion, I must expect Sunderland to fall, because in my experience the Premier League cannot support three teams from the north east. 'Boro have a good pedigree and have the desire  to win, should make it.

Today's table positions:

Top Three.

Chelsea        14th              23pts

Man Utd       5th               33pts

Arsenal         1st               42pts.


Bournemouth   16th          21pts

Sunderland        19th         15pts.

Leicester           2nd           40pts

 So only Arsenal and Sunderland are fulfilling predictions. Leicester doomed, not likely!


 Middlesborough      1st       52pts.

Wolves                     11th       34pts

Bristol City             22nd       21pts

Good old Boro': Bristol City one year too soon.


Have a good  new year and be thinking about ordering  your Easter Eggs.

Leaving you with an image of the birds over the Thames, at Twickenham.

Cheerio for now,


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