Lean Beef: Spring Bells: Muses

This is a picture of the Late Captain Beefheart ( Don Van Vliet )
One of the few that I know being unshaven . I was reminded of his iconic album "Trout Mask Replica"
I mention the good Captain , because recently the actual photo of Don with his carp mask and tall hat on has come to light. Owing to a technical fault with my Mac , I cannot show it to you now, but will do so when the problem has been fixed. Released in 1969 " Trout  Mask Replica " is a special album, containing many forms of music and sounds. Indeed so much has been written about, the making; the players; the lyrics, that even after all this dissection, it retains an unique place in Rock history. I haven't checked this, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone has a doctorate through study of this record.
I am re-reading " Riding Some Kind of Unusual Skull Sleigh" by W. C. Bamberger, which looks at the arts of Don Van Vliet. Here he writes about " Pachuco Cadaver " a track fromTMR: " The music shifts rhythms as relentlessly here as elsewhere, but each section is atypically symmetrical, producing a succession of rhythms which are nearly dances ble(!). Van Vliet's honking saxophone is present here, but used sparely. If the album was to have a single, this could have been it." (P. 54 )
This track is on YouTube and I will put it up later.


Good to see Spring really getting its act together, a delight to see the Bluebells peaking upwards from the woody dells. However it must be said as I write this (16/04) it has just stopped snowing. Oh well.

The twin enemies of ground conditions and weight effected selections from the Grand National. With a finishing number of only 12 from 40 it really was a war of attrition. Many Clouds ran heroically, jumping with aplomb, hugging the inside and only giving up two fences from home when the above enemies made their mark. The Last Samuri did everything , but win coming in a fine second. This
gave local trainer Kim Bailey prize money of £211,100; not too dusty for a day's work. Holywell fell
at the second fence and O'Faolan's Boy never started. So 1.5 out of three.

The Toon  run goes downwards, but the Robins win today and pick up the championship. I will be there.
Cheerio for now,

Original photo for Trout Mask Replic

Pachuco Cadaver



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