Round the Clock: Cheltenham Secret: Moonshine


At one it's that time for food, drink and lunch.
At one, twisting, turning I give the pillow a punch.

At two the need for post-prandial drinks at the bar.
At two in sleep  I  dream of lands near and  very far.

At three the big crowd anxiously await the kick-off time.
At three, tossing and turning I hear the church clock chime.

At four the children come home from school safe and sound.
At four the dairy people start their  early morning milk round.

At five some shops begin to close, their business done for the night
At five imperceptibly, then gradually the room is invaded by light

At six the kettle is filled and boiled  for the tea to be made
At six news-vendors display the papers for the morning trade.

At  seven after food  and bathing,  time for toddlers to go to bed.
At seven waking-up begins and the chance for sleep has fled.

At eight commuters start their journeys, causing breakfast to be a mere pretence
At eight the the theatre audiences wait expectantly for all their  shows to commence.

At nine the whistle blows; it's time for school.
At nine the watershed- adult programmes rule.

At ten the Sunday church bells ring out right  across the nation.
At ten ,a last drink before tiredness becomes the dominant  sensation.

At eleven it’s coffee and cakes and friendly conversations.
At eleven the call of sleep, demanding  a need for recuperation 

At twelve noon drinking begins in earnest in  pubs and bars.
At twelve midnight the fate of tomorrow lies in the stars.

Ck 13-17/11/'16


The Jenner Gardens are on the site of the graveyard of Cheltenham Chapel. They are situated off the Lower High Street. They were taken over by the Friends of Edward Jenner (1749- 1823 ) in honour of the gentleman,who lived at one time nearby.

 Edward Jenner pioneered vaccination and arguably in doing so saved more lives than any other human being. Quite a thought.
My daughter D. showed me these gardens a while ago. They are in a delightful backwater in Cheltenham.

Jenner Gardens.

The above link shows a map of the Gardens location in Cheltenham.


Last Monday (14/11'16) was the night of the Supermoon.

On Monday, the gap between the Earth and the moon closed to its shortest point, known as the perigee - a distance of 221,525 miles. The last time the moon was this close to the Earth was in 1948
Unfortunately for us in Gloucestershire, due to cloudy conditions our view of the moon was not impressive

The above pictures were taken at the Birdlip Viewing Point.

We have a chance to view another moon on Wednesday December 14th 2016.

But the next Super Moon of Monday's magnitude will not occur until 2034 A.D., so it will be up to others to take the shots using whatever the technology allows then ( hologram?)

So another week and Advent beckons; not to mention Black Friday, so I won't.

As usual stay warm and wrapped up when venturing outside.

WiFi for now.



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