Greetings: Mummers Afoot: Birds Flying.

Greetings and Salutations to one and all. The New Year of 2017 rapidly approaches and the joyful Christmas Season is upon us.

As you know in this Blog, we love a pun and thus it was whilst in Gloucester Cathedral last Thursday ( 22/ 12 ), my attention was drawn to these woven figures- called- -here it comes-  "The knitivity," sew good says I.

Ladies, you did us proud, bless you all.


Boxing Day, has always been a day for merriment and outside sports, including Morris Dancing and Mummers Plays.

The above is a shot of the Gloucester Mummers performing their play outside  Gloucester Cathedral on Boxing Day 2013.

To complement this festive spirit, I bring you this poem written by my good friend L.

Doctor Jack Brown

" As good as you, or any man in town "-
Once a year, with his bag of cures
for icy-pixy, palsy and the gout,
tight looseners on the chest
or wind on the knee,
they'll prove just the same
to such a one as he.

With spiel and quackery,
he'll clear all up, for him,
life's an illusion
that can be fixed with prunes and prisms,
or this great humbug
he conjures from his Gladstone bag, 
to be whisked away, when it's spat
out, into his shiny silk top hat.

He takes them all in with a sweeping bow,
they are his crowd for now,
caught up in his delusion,
which will collapse as easily as any illusionist's
opera hat,
from which is produced a rabbit,
" just like that !"

sans frock coat and hyperbole,
he'll look just the same as you or me-

👋👋 © L.J. G. 2016. (Used with permission)


As we approach the halfway point in the Football league, my two football 'birds' are on different flightpaths.  The Magpies ( Newcastle Utd, )  have risen to the top of the Christmas ( Sky Bet Championship) Tree and not only is manager Rafa B. sure they will be promoted back to the Premier League next season, he  is already predicting a top six placing for 2017-8.

The Robins ( Cheltenham A.F. C. ) , however are languishing one place from the bottom of Sky Bet League Two. They seem unable to a sustain a decent takeoff from the runway. Big effort now lads, or else the 'black hole ' of non-league football, once more beckons.
 I shall report back on my season predictions, early in the new year.


All that it remains for me to do is to wish you all, health, wealth and happiness in the year ahead.
WiFi for now,



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