Ars Longa Vita Brevis: Halfway House Football Predictions

Modestly educated, I never had foreign language lessons or indulged in a study of Latin.
But " Ars Longa Vita Brevis ' remains one of the few Latin phrases that I know.

In essence it means;  Life is short. Art is eternal. I know this because The rock group " The Nice," in 1968 released an album bearing the same title.

Naturally I had an impetus to discover its meaning.

" America " THE NICE

This three piece group performing on this and subsequent albums,  comprised of Keith Emerson ( Hammond Organ); Lee Jackson ( bass guitar and vocals ) and Brian  ' Blinky ' Davidson ( Drums and percussion). Leader Emerson was the consummate showman, as you may have noticed from the above black and white video, in which he sticks daggers into the Hammond organ and plays the keyboard from every possible side. ( Tough chap this Hammond!). I witnessed this group live at  the first Bath festival and remember being awed at the energy they produced and amazed at the conclusion of their set, when they brought on stage a highland pipe band dressed in full uniform to augment their sound. They were indeed a theatrical act and this brings me on to this book.

"Station Eleven," by Emily St. John Mandel. A Canadian by birth, who now lives in New York City with her husband. This is her fourth novel and I requested it from the library upon a tweet recommendation , by the " Game of Thrones " author George R. R. Martin. He was so impressed with the book that he thought it should have won the 'Hugo Prize,' the premier Science Fiction award.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis could have been used as a sub-text to the book.

The Novel concerns the arrival of a 'flu bug which eventually kills 99% of the population in North America , leaving everyone  to cope without electricity, antibiotics, internet and air travel. The book references characters from before the virus and twenty years later. By which time Kirsten has joined a convoy of horse drawn caravans which are known as the ' Travelling Symphony, a peripatetic group who tour local communities playing classical music and also in the case of Kirsten helping to perform Shakespeare plays.
The book opens on a snowy night in Toronto as famous actor Arthur Leander collapses and dies on stage in the lead role of "King Lear. " Kirsten was also on stage as a little girl. That same evening marks the start of the deadly virus. The world will never be the same again.
" Station Eleven" refers to a unpublished  graphic book written by Miranda, Arthur's first wife. This book is given on that same snowy night to Kirsten  and so becomes one of a number of threads which weaves its presence in the story.

This book makes us think about the realities of what we truly value in our lives. Aside from the bonding of friends and the importance of social intercourse, it points to Art in all its forms and hence Ars Longa Vita Brevis,

A thought-provoking and an impressive read, Emily is an author to keep one's eye on.


We have reached the ' halfway house ' in the football leagues. At the start of the season ( August '16) I made predictions for the winners in the various leagues. So, how am I doing?

Premier League

Predicted: 1 Man Utd.                   Actual current position:  6th   39pts

                 2 Man City                                                          4th    42pts

                3   Chelsea                                                             1st    49pts 

                4    Liverpool                                                         2nd   44pts.

 All of the above teams are still in with a shout; although Man Utd, on a winning streak at the moment have 10 points to make up and those early 6 draws may be the stumbling block.
Man City, experiencing a lull have a big and powerful squad and should go close.
Chelsea are top and worthy favourites. They play with verve and swagger and have adapted to manager Antonio Conte's system. Whoever beats them will win the title.
Liverpool are a welcome surprise packet. Maturing under manager Klopp, they play on the front foot and try to dominate the field. Unencumbered by European games, if they can remain injury free and tighten up their defence, they can have a season to remember. A 'shoo-in ' for a top four finish.

Next week the other leagues.


And so another week and twelve night are over. The weather should be a tad warmer and hopefully mist and fog free.

WiFi for now,


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