All the Road Run: Snappy Bits.

     Under my furrowed brow  

Under my furrowed brow, in fitful sleep
The road goes ever onwards,
Passing deserts of doubt, cold under the baleful gleam 
Of midnight stars in an uncertain universe.

Twisting and turning the road begins to green as
Childhood memories bring visions of Meadowlands 
 Picnics, daisy chains and the soft patter of laughter.

Moods and temperatures rise as leafy trees congregate together to
Form a wood of dens and secret paths to be walked upon with friends.

As moods rise the road climbs upwards towards hills of Joy and Emotion,
 Reaching the Peaks of Desire in a curved alpine ascent into clear loving air.

But what rises must eventually fall and all too soon the road descends into the
 Lonely Valley above  the crestfallen Misty Lowlands, where runs 
The River Ritual, gently  pursuing its daily tidal flows.

We are in the Plateau Lands, flat, wide with  a deeply uninteresting vista,
 Only changing as we approach the high-rises of Clone City,
 Filled with milling crowds fulfilling their job tasks and going about business.

Near the river’s edge are the prosperous suburbs of Reflect and Contentment
 Whilst across the metropolis lie the poorer parts of Unease and Desolation.
 Those who choose to continue,  find the road becomes the What-Iff? Motorway

 Taking  souls away from mundane chores towards the setting sun and Glory Land,
 Avoiding  the links to Stress and  Further Depression.

Hopeshire lies in the distance  and further still the golden glow of Eden.
At  journey's end.

Ck 02/ 02/'17


Ever since I read   Malcolm Gladwell's brilliant  essay on plagiarism , I realised the difficulties in defining it. From the moment of birth to the grave we are bombarded by sounds of music, talk, sounds and the general hubbub of life.
This being the case, it is virtually impossible to determine what our consciousness  has absorbed  and thus it is perfectly possible to speculate that an original idea is of great rarity.

I know the above prose contains many notions which are not wholly mine. Although I have not read it for many a long year, the listing of emotions as places must have some spill over from Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Likewise the  phrase "The Road goes ever Onwards," is surely taken from  Tolkein's " Lord of the Rings."  and also a nod towards  Mountain's  album of the same  name. Lastly The Eagles'  " Long Road Out of Eden,"  effected my journey's end.

There must be many other borrowed sources there and I crave your indulgence if you spot any. Meanwhile may all our journey's bear fruit and reach our destinations.

The photograph was taken on Selsey Common overlooking Stroud on 13th January. Here is another view from the same time and location.


Finally here are two pictures taken locally.

This remarkable sculpture has found its way into a nearby front garden.
"Orchids" can be found in many places.

Early "drops' the flower of hope.


 I learnt recently that  Durex  (part of the RB group ) are interested in acquiring a baby milk firm.
I feel there must be a joke in there, somewhere.

WiFi for now,


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