Cornwall Coda: Transport Icons: Up Hills and Far Away

The last full day spent at Cornwall, involved a  circular walk starting at the National Trust's Penrose Estate.


The weather was just the right temperature for a walk.

Lake view from a walk in the Penrose Estate.

My favourite sign, noticed on the back of a van delivering -------?

The walk took us out of the lakeside and up onto
 the cliff path overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

 Time for a pit- stop for a  beer and food.
I choose the  scampi  and chips.

Finally after the cliff-top path, a walk up the
field to the nearby road and
our waiting transport  to take us back to base.

The next day ( Wednesday 14th June ) I made my way home on the 09:35 train from Penzance to Cheltenham. My last two photos were taken from the moving train and so ended a very pleasant and memorable mini- holiday.


 I saw this beautiful Tesla (Model S )  electric car at the recent Cheltenham Food Festival.

 I had a chat with the car  guys who assured me, apart from rocket acceleration, it had a range of 300 miles on a single charge of electricity. 
Certainly the car of the future ; especially as you may have noticed in Wednesday's Queen's Speech, there was a Government commitment to equip all motorway service stations with electrical charging points.
Farewell petrol/diesel; hello electricity.


I am indebted to my friend K. for these two great pictures of bygone transport icons, The Spitfire and the Flying Scotsman.

K. took the photo of the Spitfire in Dunfries, Scotland (Border Town) and the Scotsman coming by near Gloucester. Wonderful sights .


Finally today (24/06/'17) D. and I ventured out for a walk on Dover's Hill to stretch our legs in the afternoon sunshine. Nature was Queen and all was blissfully quiet!

WiFi for now,


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