Final Football Roundup: Wetlands Ahoy!: The General Erection.

So here we are at the end of another football season, full of the usual triumphs and disappointments. Congratulations to Huddersfield Town ( The Terriers ) on their promotion to the Premier League, after beating Reading in the playoff final.

Manager Wagner planned a masterly campaign, commencing with survival training at a pre-season camp,( in order to engender a team spirit) and then rotating players while keeping up  the momentum right through to the penalty shoot-out in that final. ( Terriers won 4-3 ).

He now has the difficult job of culling his team, keeping core members and introducing new Premiership players.
 His team already carries the honour of being the only Yorkshire  team in the Premiership. Let's hope he can keep the Terriers there.

Right, so how did my Premiership predictions do ?

Prediction                          Actual

1 Man Utd                           6th

2  Man City                        3rd

3  Chelsea                           1st

4  Liverpool                        4th

Not  exactly covering myself with glory, with Man Utd letting the side down with a lack lustre finish to the season and too many draws. They did, of course win an European Final Trophy and so preserved their European Champions League status.


Last Thursday D. and I made our way to the nearby Coombe Hill Wetlands. The weather was bright, the wind still. All was quiet, green and serene. God was in his Heaven.

Who was watching who ?

Colour in the Hedgerow.

How peaceful is this ?


With the  General Election only 5 days away and the polls rapidly closing between the Conservatives and Labour plus the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' Sgt  Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, I thought of John Lennon's poem " The General Erection " which came from his book "A Spaniard In The Works "  It was written about the 1964 General  Election, in which Harold Wilson ( Labour )  won with an overall majority just four seats.

Here is a sample for you:

The General Erection (1964)

Azure orl gnome, Harrassed Wilsod won the General Erection with a very small marjorie over the Totchies. Thus pudding the Labouring Partly into powell after a large abcess. This he could not have done withoutspan the barking of thee Trade Onions, heady by Frenk Cunnings (who noun has a SAFE SEAT in Nuneating thank you and Fronk (only 62) Bowells hasn’t.)

                             John Lennon (1940 - 1980 }

I wonder if this could  presage  our result next Thursday (8 /6 ) with Mr. Corbyn (Lab.) coming up fast on the rails to overtake Mrs. May (Con.)?
Me- I'll go Mrs May with a 50 majority- We shall see .

Which reminds me, yesterday (2 /6 ) I shook hands with, whom
 I thought was a Tory agent - turns out he was Mr. Alex Chalk M.P. himself -  ' he was nowt but a boy ! '
 AD again; oh well

WiFi for Now,


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