Post Card From Cornwall: Sporting Links.

I have recently spent  a few days ( 10 - 14th June) With friends L. and D. in  North Cornwall. The weather was mostly dry and sunny with highs of 19 - 20 C. Ideal for walking and exploring.

Sunday afternoon was fresh, with wind coming from the sea. We walked along the Esplanade in Penzance.

The outgoing tide exposed the stone- strewn beach

We passed this engaging statue of a fisherman with a coil of rope.

Before long we came to a pub, which as well as a drink offered us some lunch time jazz.
I enjoyed a half of Cornish Perry;( not going to call it Pear Cider, as was advertised on the bar)
Pears and Apples are different, aren't they ?

Both the keyboard and guitar worked in sympathy  and we were treated to many good jazz moments.
On one tune, the guitar's tone reminded me of the late, great Wes Montgomery (1923- 1968). This indeed turned out to be the case and the guitarist was suitably impressed with my knowledge.

On Monday we rode the bus ( free with bus pass - just renewed until 2022 whoopee ! ) to nearby St Ives. There we visited the gallery at Tate St Ives.

Tate ST Ives

2017               2007

The curved display on the left was from Jessica Warboys' Seascapes exhibition


A mirror view from the Tate over the beach.

The curved display in 2007    when last I visited the Tate Gallery.

Most of the displays in the 10 galleries were devoted to Pottery from various stages of history. There was also a video installation which showed ancient British sites.

St Ives looked lovely in the summer sun, with just a modest crowd of holiday makers.

Barbara Hepworth

They lay in peace
in your garden.
reflecting love
of the elements ,
 Cunning apertures
let in the summer light.
graciously  displaying
your passion for form.

The highlight of my visit to St.Ives was a visit to the Barbara Hepworth Museum. This is also managed by the Tate Gallery and we had obtained a joint admission ticket.

Hepworth Garden

Barbara Hepworth lived and worked here from 1949- until her death in 1965. Sculptures of hers in bronze, stone and wood can be seen here. The photos above were all taken from her beautiful garden, where the light from this June afternoon  perfectly complemented her work.


Well in this year's Derby, our horse Eminent finished 4th, which meant some each-way backers had a minor result. With prize money at £1.65 Million for the winner, Eminent must have had a good pay-out . ( I am yet to determine how much.).
I do not intend to follow our horse 'Over the Cliff', so we will give it two more chances. Perhaps it will run in next week's Royal Ascot; we shall see.

Meanwhile the temperatures continue to climb and looks like a' sweaty Betty ' week ahead.

Keep cool and hydrated.

WiFi for now,


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