Festival of Lights: Football Half-time.

A short while ago I showed you a photo of the giant wheel in Cheltenham Imperial Gardens. This was part of the festival of lights. 
Last night ( 22/02/'19 ) I ventured forth in the evening and took some photos of  those  magical lights: here are my best shots.

The Queen's Hotel at the top of the Promenade.

The wheel looking down from the Queen's.

Cheltenham Muncipal Building.

The Fountains in Blue.

Promenade views.

I hope very much  that this, very successful venture becomes an annual festival; switching the lights on before the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival in March.


With the football season well past the halfway stage, it's about time I looked back at my league predictions and checked out the winners and losers.

Premier League

My placing                   Actual placing.

1st Manchester City         2nd

2nd Liverpool                   1st

3rd   Man  United             5th

4th   Chelsea                     6th

I hope Liverpool can hang on and secure that elusive Premiership Trophy. Unfortunately with a stronger bench, City will probably prevail. Manchester United with new manager have gained momentum and look primed for top four finish.
Chelsea are in a mess. Manager likely to go, which combined with poor team-spirit makes a top four finish unlikely. Spurs or Arsenal should fill that position.


1st   Aston Villa              11th

2nd   Stoke                       17th

3rd    Swansea                  12th

Right. Holding-up hands time. I really got these predictions wrong big-time. All three of my selections haven't fired at all. Of the three, Swansea have an outside chance of making play-offs, but don't hold  your breath.

League One

1st  Sunderland                 3rd 

2nd   Luton                       1st

3rd   Plymouth                  14th

Better job, only Plymouth are ' out with the  washing.' Near rivals Portsmouth are 4th and I should have picked them.
Sunderland are beginning to get self-belief and should finish strongly to gain promotion.
 Luton, are my success story. They have carried on from last season's promotion and seem certain to rise again. Bright lights are coming back!

League Two

1st   Lincoln                      1st

2nd  Mk Dons                  4th

3rd   Swindon                  12th

 The top brother management team are really showing their muscle. Lincoln having set goals ( pun  not intended) are on song for promotion and one feels, with strong support from fans, from a football starved part of the country, can continue to make strides in the future. Far from finished yet.

'Dons never quite make the top tier but with application can finally move up a notch this season.

Swindon (bless them ) have had a start-stop season, but in this congested table are still only 6 points from top six, so with their best boots on - you never know.


The Critics panned it: The Fans loved it. Congrats to Rami Malek   ( Best Actor ) and Queen for scooping three Oscars in total. They ARE the Champions!

My twitter take:" And the winner of this year's Oscars ----- Beards!"

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